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Perfect Situp Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Works both upper and lower abs
  • Indicates when you successfully perform a sit-up
  • Might coax beginners into regular exercise


  • Most fitness experts say it's unnecessary
  • Not suitable for tall (over 6 feet) users
  • Can be awkward to use
Our Analysis
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Reviews of the Perfect Situp are mixed. GadgetReview.com reviewed Jeff Bordeaux says this product may be appropriate for beginners who don't know enough about basic technique to perform effective sit-ups on their own, but not for individuals who already know how to do a sit-up. When Indianapolis TV station WXIN runs the Perfect Situp past two exercise professionals, both say the device works as advertised but they disagree on whether it's really necessary. At StuffWeLike.com, a reviewer demonstrates the product and says that while it does work, there are many facets that can be improved upon, such as the resistance blades and complex assembly process. Meanwhile, owners posting to Amazon.com and Walmart.com are split down the middle: Half say the Perfect Situp works as advertised (even though it may not be appropriate for tall people), while the other half say it's not durable and they wish they hadn't purchased it.

Our Sources

Jeff Bordeaux, Oct. 27, 2010

In this detailed review complete with photographs, Jeff Bordeaux tries out the Perfect Situp. He allows that it might be a good purchase for beginners, but says it's awkward to store, sometimes clumsy to use and makes an annoying clicking sound. And "for those of you that already have an established workout, the Perfect Situp isn't really going to open your eyes to some magical abs oasis."

Sherman Burdette,

This Fox affiliate reporter asks two local trainers, Matt and Emily, to test the Perfect Situp, and both agree that the product does engage the core. Matt says it isn't "perfect" as the name of the product suggests, but that it does work as advertised. Emily says that while it does work, she believes it's more worthwhile to educate yourself on proper sit-up technique than spend $100 on a gadget.

David Rodriguez, Dec. 27, 2010

In this video review, David Rodriguez describes the process of using the Perfect Situp. He begins with assembly and says the instructions are very hard to understand. He notes that the cushion is soft and comfortable, but that the mat can easily rip if the user isn't careful. The 6-foot-1-inch Rodriguez says he fits on the device when extended to its greatest length, and he notes there are two pressure points on the Perfect Situp that may cause some discomfort. Last, he mentions that the leg extenders feature 10 pounds of resistance and that added resistance of either 20 or 30 pounds can be found in blades sold separately.

Contributors to Walmart.com,

Most of the owners posting here say the Perfect Situp works as advertised, and they appreciate the clicking sound that indicates when they've execused a proper sit-up. However, one skeptic notes that "the Perfect Situp adds nothing to what you can do simply by lying on the floor and going through the same exercises without the device," while another owner says the unit clicks even if you perform a less-than-perfect sit-up.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

The dozen or so reviews of the Perfect Situp on Amazon.com are split down the middle: Half of the owners posting here love this product -- though there are some complaints that it's not appropriate for tall people -- while the other half say it's "garbage," a "waste of money," a "neck buster" and that it falls apart during use. Other owners say they are disappointed that they had to buy separate leg pieces if they wanted to up their workout resistance.

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