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Potty Patch Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Cheaper than disposable pads
  • Might be useful for training a puppy


  • Most dogs refuse to use it
  • Fake turf makes noise and slides around
  • Bad odor from urine
  • Tray is hard to empty
  • Expensive
Our Analysis
Watch the Commercial

We found very few positive reviews of the Potty Patch. Most dog owners report that their dogs simply ignored it, or tried to use it but found that the turf slid around or made too much noise. If a dog does use the Potty Patch, the tray is odorous and hard to empty, report owners.

If you do want to try the Potty Patch, many users posting comments online suggest buying from a known retailer rather than from the product's website. We found many complaints about backorders, unauthorized charges and poor customer service from PottyPatch.com.

Two TV reviews demonstrate how difficult it can be to persuade dogs to use the Potty Patch. The clip from WOIO (Cleveland) tops our list because the Potty Patch is tested with dogs of different ages and sizes. The test at WGRZ (Buffalo, N.Y.) is also convincing, since the owner (and his dog) tries the Potty Patch for a full week. A detailed review at the blog She Scribes describes a dog owner's efforts to persuade her dog to use it. We also found useful owner-written reviews and ratings at Petco.com and Amazon.com. ConsumerReports.org doesn't test the Potty Patch, but does comment on its design. More customer service complaints can be found on the blog As Seen On TV Fan and at Doggies.com, where other indoor options are described. 

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