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Sewing Genie Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Fine for lighter fabrics
  • Works for hemming or patching
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Only one stitch size
  • Not for heavy fabrics
  • Bobbin can be difficult to thread
  • Feels unsteady
  • Noisy
Our Analysis
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The Sewing Genie is a tiny 3-pound sewing machine that promises to offer all of the benefits of a larger machine. It is only 8 inches high and runs on 4 AA batteries or an AC/DC adaptor. A foot pedal controls the speed of the needle. Unlike full-sized sewing machines, the Genie can only make a standard straight stitch (no zigzag or anything else). You also get a couple of spools of thread, some extra needles and a threading tool.

Reviews are not good for the Sewing Genie. The most common complaint is that the bobbin is difficult to thread. Many reviewers barely get a chance to try the Sewing Genie because they can't figure out how to thread the bobbin. The instructions in the manual are unclear or -- according to one reviewer -- incorrect. (And in some cases, a manual isn't even included in the package.) Owners also complain about the plastic construction, which makes the Sewing Genie unsteady and loud. There are reports of bent or jammed needles and broken thread. Overall, the Sewing Genie gets low average ratings from owners wherever we looked.

People with sewing experience seem a bit happier with the Sewing Genie than are beginners. Jackie Reis, a quilter who reviews the Sewing Genie for a Texas news show, praises the Sewing Genie for its good stitch quality. Others say the machine is fine for sewing on patches, simple hems or for mending a seam. However, most say the Sewing Genie is just too limited for much more; you can't sew in reverse to lock a stitch and there's only one stitch size.

The Sewing Genie has not been included in professional comparison testing. In a news report for a television station in Texas, a reporter brings the machine to a quilt store for testing by a woman who sews. We found detailed user reviews at AssociatedContent.com and Epinions.com. The Sewing Genie is also reviewed by users at Amazon.com and InfomercialRatings.com.

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