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Shed Vac Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Removes some hair
  • Clear, removable canister
  • Can be used on clothing and furniture


  • Loud motor may scare pets
  • Ineffective for many
  • Doesn't remove hair from undercoat
  • High shipping and handling fees
Our Analysis
Watch the Commercial
We didn't find any objective tests of the Shed Vac on cats, but we did find two involving dogs. Reporters at two TV stations, WXIA (Atlanta) and WPCO (Cincinnati), ask volunteer testers to try the Shed Vac on their dogs, with very mixed results. We found about 30 reviews from cat owners at Does-The-Product-Work.com. Least credible is the review at JennyReviews.com, an apparent affiliate site that doesn't document any testing.

Our Sources

Oct. 20, 2010,

Susan Tauber tests the Shed Vac on her two Labrador retrievers, who shed so much that she has to vacuum twice a day. The device is gentle and doesn't bother either dog; they seem to enjoy the vac's massaging action. However, after comparing the Shed Vac with another de-shedding tool called the Furminator, Tauber says the Furmintor picked up a lot of hair that the Shed Vac left behind. She concludes that the Shed Vac doesn't pull enough hair from the undercoat to really solve a shedding problem. "It stirs up the fur but doesn't really do a deep cleaning, which is what causes shedding," Tauber says.

Suzanne Murray, Sept. 7, 2010

Lance Barry, a volunteer tester, tries the Shed Vac on his Labrador retriever. The loud motor scared the dog, and she kept running away whenever the device was turned on. The Shed Vac does collect some hair, but reporter Suzanne Murray questions its claim to have a calming effect on pets, considering how loud it is.

Contributors to Does-The-Product-Work.com,

About 30 owners rate and review the Shed Vac here, and most say it's junk. They complain of flimsy construction and inadequate suction, or say it scares their pets. A few say they're happy with the Shed Vac; even satisfied owners say it took a while for their pets to get used to the noise, however.

Editors of JennyReviews.com,

Although the Shed Vac earns a perfect 5-star rating, no testing is documented. This seems to be an affiliate site for the products reviewed, not a true testing site.

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