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Simon Flash Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line

Fans of the original blinking and beeping Simon game can now face new challenges with Simon Flash. Recommended for players age 8 and up, Simon Flash consists of four electronic game cubes, one for each of the classic Simon colors: red, blue, green and yellow. There are four different game options (each game is linked to a specific colored cube) involving various memory and speed skills: Simon Shuffle, Lights Off, Simon Secret Color and the classic Simon game of repeating patterns. Between the four cubes, Simon Flash requires eight AAA batteries, so if your family is voracious about playing, make sure to stock up. A couple of Amazon.com reviewers recommend investing in rechargeable batteries if the game is going to get regular heavy play.


  • Different game options
  • Portable
  • Can be muted


  • Requires a lot of batteries
  • Not enough skill levels
Our Analysis
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What players say

Reviewers generally say that it's a fun modern update of the old favorite, with most ratings coming in the 3- to 4-star range. Those ratings seem a little more forgiving than the actual user comments are, however. Several owners lament the number of batteries the game requires, while other users complain that the game isn't all that challenging

One user posting at Amazon.com sums it up thusly: "As an electronic game, Simon Flash does not entertain for very long… [because kids] quickly comprehend the device, play with it for five minutes, and then move on." Another parent complains that the instructions are unclear and adds, "Once they got the rules down, they played each game one time. Then they were done. That's it."

Among more favorable reviews, it's the memory-training aspect that appeals to parents. "I really like this game," says one owner, "because, even with the sheer simplicity, it encourages the child to focus, think and plan his next move. The feedback is immediate and it works very well in a solo or multi player mode. I was amazed at how quickly the kids were able to remember very long sequences."

Parents like how portable Simon Flash is, but a few note that the piece can be easy to misplace and that the game won't function without all four cubes attached. Still others complain that unlike the original Simon game, which had a distinct tone for each color, the Simon Flash cubes all make the same sound. Finally, multiple reviewers question the game's value at its suggested retail price of $30.

The bottom line

Though it's recommended for ages 8 and older, parents find that younger children enjoy playing with Simon Flash. In fact, it may be best suited to them, since older kids appear to lose interest once they figure out how to play. For children too young for any of the games, they can still use the cubes for color and pattern recognition.

Overall, however, the reviews for Simon Flash are middling at best, and the number of owners reporting that kids lose interest quickly suggests that you may be better off spending equal money on a game that is more engaging over the long term.

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