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Simoniz Fix It Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • May hide some scratches in clear coat


  • Doesn't hide scratched paint
  • Consumers report unauthorized charges
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A professional auto body repairman tests Fix It for a TV news station in Missouri. His kit comes with a battery-powered buffer that he says is useless. He finds that the pen doesn't even fix his clear-coat scratches.

Some people who buy Simoniz Fix It over the phone or online say they were charged for items they never ordered, and they couldn't get a refund from the company. Others complain that the Fix It pens arrived empty, or the tips broke, or the "free" car vacuum (which actually costs an extra $15 in shipping and handling, according to the fine print on the Fix It website) is small and weak. Some say they are surprised, because they had always thought Simoniz was a brand to trust.

Popular Mechanics' Home Journal blog tests many as-seen-on-TV products, including Simoniz Fix It scratch remover. A Missouri TV station, KFVS (Cape Girardeau), enlists a professional auto-body repairman to test Fix It. The Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee looks into complaints of unauthorized charges, which are also a common gripe on InfomercialRatings.com. User reviews for Fix It on Amazon.com are mostly negative as well.

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