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Soap Magic Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Touch-free
  • Batteries included
  • Works with most liquid soaps, sanitizers


  • Needs priming
  • Doesn't work with all liquids
  • Can drip or dispense wrong amount
  • Quality-control problems
Our Analysis
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Some owners reviewing Soap Magic at Amazon.com report quality-control or durability problems, as well as inconsistent amounts being dispensed. The latter is also a problem noted by reporter Daphne Munro at KNXV-TV  (Phoenix), who used Soap Magic for a week. Munro also reports problems with the sensor, saying she had to move her hand around for a while before the soap came out.

On the contrary, Soap Magic is well received in tests conducted by KLRT (Little Rock, Ark.) and WXIA-TV (Atlanta, Ga.). Both reviewers praise Soap Magic as easy to assemble and convenient to use. A volunteer tester for WVEC (Hampton Roads, Va.) is very impressed with Soap Magic Ultra after trying it out in her kitchen.

Our Sources

Jeff Jumper, 2010

In this video review, reporter Jeff Jumper tests the regular Soap Magic dispenser with four liquids: two hand soaps, a hand sanitizer and two dish detergents. If the liquid is too thin or thick, it doesn't work well, he says, but it works fine with a liquid of medium viscosity. He found it worked fine with hand soaps and hand sanitizers, but he says the dish soap was "unusually thin" and Soap Magic "would pump dish liquid and spurt air intermittently." Drawbacks include some dripping and uneven dispensing. It's easy to add liquid, but you have to pump out the remaining liquid if you want to change soaps.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

About a dozen owners give Soap Magic mostly negative reviews, rating it lower than some other automatic soap dispensers sold here. One owner notes that if you don't use Soap Magic for half an hour or so, gravity pulls the soap down out of the spout so it takes three or four hand waves to get it to work. Others report problems with the amount dispensed or with premature breakdown.

Daphne Munro, Oct. 14, 2010

After trying the Soap Magic dispenser for a week, reporter Daphne Munro is largely disappointed. She says the sensor doesn't work very well; she had to wave her hands around for a while before the soap came out. When it finally did release, there was barely enough soap to wash her hands. Munro gives the Soap Magic a thumbs-down, saying "it's not worth the cash."

Jeremy Baker, May 6, 2010

Reporter Jeremy Baker tries out Soap Magic and says it works fine for the most part. He's particularly impressed with the easy setup, but he does note one flaw. Despite this issue, he stills deems Soap Magic a deal.

Karyn Greer, March 18, 2010

Jyl Andrews, a preschool teacher and "self-described germaphobe" tests Soap Magic for WXIA's news program. She says it's easy to use and works well.

Sandra Parker, March 2, 2010

Viewer Kelsey Clayton tests the Soap Magic Ultra for this brief video review. She concludes that it works very well and is very useful in the kitchen, especially for washing hands when working with raw meat or eggs.

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