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StoneDine Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line

Unlike most non-stick cookware, which uses Teflon or a similar substance, StoneDine's surface contains microparticles of stone. The company claims their cookware is 10 times stronger and will last 10 times longer than other non-stick pans.

Unfortunately, StoneDine doesn't specify the nature of its testing methods, and the drill press test in the infomercial is, according to a fine-print disclaimer, merely a simulation. Nonetheless, many owners say their StoneDine cookware is well worth the high price and comparable to any quality cookware set. Owners praise StoneDine for its easy cleanup, non-stick properties and ability to produce healthier meals with less fats or oils.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick surface


  • Iffy durability
  • Confusing pricing
  • Unresponsive, unhelpful customer service
Our Analysis
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Other than shady pricing and unhelpful customer service, the most common complaint among dissatisfied owners is that the non-stick quality does not last. While many swear it lasts as long as one year, there are a notable amount of customers who claim their cookware has become sticky and useless as soon as two weeks after purchasing. A few fans of the StoneDine pots and pans argue the reason for this is that users do not follow care directions, which direct owners to never use soap. The set includes a 12-year guarantee, but users have little luck claiming it. At over $400 (after shipping and handling) with such poor customer service and no return policy, the durability is a big risk to take.

Customer Service

According to user reviews, confusing marketing and a hefty price overshadow StoneDine's merits. A number of customers complain they weren't aware of the total price until after their StoneDine set was delivered. The initial order (Est. $38 plus $28 shipping and handling) is only a 30-day trial offer. If you don't send the set back, you'll be billed the balance (in nine monthly payments) for a grand total of nearly $400, plus the shipping and handling cost. Only in very small print at the bottom of the page does the website clarify this policy. Customers report being told by customer service agents that they cannot process order cancellations. Buy from a reputable local retailer to avoid this pricing mess.

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