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Swivel Store Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Easy to use
  • No assembly
  • Organizes small- to medium-sized bottles


  • Only works in tall cabinets
  • Larger bottles don't fit
Our Analysis
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A reporter at WVEC in Norfolk, Va., tries out the Swivel Store and says it works well; however, a reviewer at KVUE in Austin, Tex., complains that it doesn't fit into short cabinets or accommodate large bottles. Reviewers on Amazon.com have mixed reviews. Those who have tall cabinets and try to store smaller containers give the Swivel Store positive remarks; those with small cabinets and bulky bottles say it doesn't work. Reviewers on Walmart.com echo these comments.

Our Sources

Sandra Parker, Aug. 23, 2011

Reporter Sandra Parker tests the Swivel Store with a viewer. They say it is simple to use; the shelves slide out easily and feel very sturdy, and they like how neatly all of their spice containers are displayed. For the product to work properly, the two note that containers should be evenly distributed to avoid it tipping over.

Quita Culpepper, Updated Sept. 15, 2011

Reporter Quita Culpepper tries the Swivel Store in her home and is frustrated that it doesn't fit in her kitchen cabinets. Placed on an open shelf, Culpepper finds that it does slide and swivel, allowing her to easily locate the spices she's looking for. When asked to give it a thumbs up or down, Culpepper gives the Swivel Store a thumb "in the middle," saying it does work, but only in cabinets that are tall enough and only with bottles that are the right size.

Karyn Greer, Sept. 7, 2011

Karyn Greer tests the Swivel Store at the home of a local viewer. The kitchen cabinet is tall enough to accommodate the Swivel Store, but some taller and wider bottles don't fit. Once inside the cabinet, the Swivel Store easily slides and swivels, making finding her spices a snap. The homeowner gives the Swivel Store two thumbs up.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Over 50 customers review the Swivel Store on Amazon.com, and their reviews are mixed. Satisfied customers find it a simple solution to keeping their spices organized. Unhappy owners say the Swivel Store only fits inside tall cabinets and that larger bottles don't fit on the shelves. A few also comment that they find the plastic to be a bit flimsy.

Contributors to Walmart.com,

Almost 30 customers review the Swivel Store on Walmart.com, and the majority of them say they would recommend the product. Positive and negative reviews mirror those found at other sources.

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