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The Rack Workout Station Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Lightweight
  • Easily to store
  • Good for curls, dips and push-ups


  • Doesn't offer much resistance
  • Not good for some target areas, such as legs, back and biceps
  • Long-term durability unknown
Our Analysis

For instance, there's no way to do leg exercises, and sit-ups, curls and ab work can be awkward. The blogger at Fast, Easy Fit points out that The Rack's weight has a significant downside because it simply doesn't offer much resistance. However, the reviewer does say this might be a good purchase when combined with other fitness equipment like free weights.

Our Sources

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Some of the 5-star reviews of The Rack on Amazon are ecstatic, but there are also more balanced comments. One user says this workout device is "elegantly simple" and compact. He notes, however, that sit-ups, curls and ab work can be awkward, and there's no way to train your legs. One non-fan calls The Rack "a flimsy and rusty set of hollow tubes." There are also a few complaints about the manufacturer adding on extra charges and shipping mishaps resulting in a damaged Rack on delivery.

"JS", March 26, 2011

In this balanced review of The Rack Workout Station, anonymous blogger "JS" points out that this unit is "great in terms of being very portable and easily storable," but not so great in that 30 pounds of resistance isn't very much when it comes to exercises such as squats, lunges and biceps curls. The review also says The Rack doesn't offer any effective back exercises; a user comment appended to this page notes that it isn't good for biceps, either. While there are downsides and limitations to the product, the review does recommend The Rack as a successful workout tool that's fun to use while engaging and toning multiple muscle groups.

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