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Titan Peeler Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Peels and slices very thin
  • Julienne tool works well


  • Easy to cut oneself
  • Serrated blades leave marks on food
  • No faster than an ordinary peeler
  • Complaints about online ordering
Our Analysis
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In tests we found, the serrated blades peel and slice tomatoes well, and are tough enough to peel the skin of a pineapple or butternut squash. The peelings are very thin, so no food is wasted. However, the serrations do leave marks on the food, which might bother some users. Using the Titan Peeler to slice food gets mixed reviews, especially when it comes to cheeses. Overall, reviewers disagree about whether or not the Titan Peeler is worth the money, but they agree that the sharp blades make it very easy to cut yourself if you're careless.

Reviewers say you are better off buying the Titan Peeler at a store than online. If you order it from the official Titan Peeler website, some users complain, shipping charges are higher than the cost of the peeler itself. What's more, we found many complaints from owners who say their credit cards were charged without first seeing the final cost of the order. Users also report that it's very difficult to cancel orders and that shipping charges are not refunded -- even if the product is never received.

The Titan Peeler blades are advertised as carrying a lifetime warranty. However, with such extreme complaints about the Titan Peeler website, it seems unlikely that warranty fulfillment would prove satisfactory. One user reports that he bought a defective peeler, but the company wanted to charge $10 to exchange it for a new one.

We found the most thorough and critical review at Popular Mechanics, where Harry Sawyers not only tests the Titan Peeler on a pineapple and several vegetables, but also compares it with some other competing peelers. Quite a few TV stations review the Titan Peeler; we found the best review at KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), where three deli employees test it. Tests at KIDK (Idaho Falls, Idaho) include a timed race to see if the Titan Peeler really does save prep time. Owner-written reviews at Amazon.com, Walgreens.com and at RootsToTheSea.com are useful, as are complaints about the Titan Peeler website's ordering, pricing and refund policies -- posted at ConsumerAffairs.com and at RipoffReports.com.

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