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Twin Draft Guard Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Can be adjusted to door length
  • Blocks drafts on most doors


  • Doesn't work on doors with large gaps
  • Doesn't glide smoothly over carpet
Our Analysis
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Two news stations test out the Twin Draft Guard, and come away with opposite reviews. A reporter at KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., finds that it creates an airtight seal, but a reporter at KIDK in Idaho Falls, Idaho, tests it in a home where the doors are high off the floor, and says the Twin Draft Guard doesn't work. Customer reviews on Amazon.com and AsSeenOnTVGuys.com echo these results; those who have smaller door gaps are very happy with the Twin Draft Guard, while those with larger gaps are unable to remedy their draft problems.

Our Sources

Lauren Keith, Jan. 29, 2008

Lauren Keith tests the Twin Draft Guard as a part of KFVS's regular segment, "Does It Work Wednesday?" When first unpacking the box, she worries that it looks a bit flimsy, but after sliding it under a visibly drafty doorway, it blocks out all of the incoming air. After trimming the inner foam tubes to fit, she is left with some excess outer shell material that she wants to disguise. However, she gives the Twin Draft Guard a grade A for creating an airtight seal as advertised. She also shows how the Twin Draft Guard prevents doors from opening over the top of throw rugs and certain mats, suggesting that users make sure to have a rug that stays in place.

Tommy Noel, Feb. 22, 2008

Tommy Noel puts the Twin Draft Guard to the test with a homeowner who wants to lower his utility bills. He says the Twin Draft Guard is easy to assemble and install, but the gap between his floor and the bottom of the door is too large. When opening and closing the door, the Twin Draft Guard consistently slides out from underneath. It also fails to create an airtight seal. He also tests it on a carpeted area, but it does not glide smoothly as advertised. He concludes that the Twin Draft Guard might work for those with small gaps between door and floor, but it doesn't work on any of the three doors he tries it on.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Over 100 customers review the Twin Draft Guard on Amazon.com, and most of them are satisfied with their results. Most agree that it is easy to assemble and install, and those able to create a tight seal with the Twin Draft Guard are very happy. The most common complaint is that it does not work with all doors, as advertised. Users who have large gaps between their doors and floors find that it doesn't create an airtight seal, has a tendency to get stuck beneath the door, and needs constant readjusting. Those with carpeted floors also warn that the Twin Draft Guard doesn't glide smoothly over carpeting as it's advertised to do.

Contributors to AsSeenOnTVGuys.com,

More than 25 customers review the Twin Draft Guard on AsSeenOnTVGuys.com, and most are very happy with the product. Satisfied users say the product eliminated drafts, and some even notice a decrease in their utility bills over time. However, a couple of reviewers complain that if a door has a large gap beneath it, the Twin Draft Guard will not stay in place.

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