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Urine Gone Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Effective on fresh urine stains
  • Included blacklight reveals location of pet stains


  • Bad odor
  • Not as effective on old stains
  • Some reports of stains returning after use
Our Analysis
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There is an "uh-oh," however. In a follow-up report, KOMO says the new urine stain so successfully treated by Urine Gone reappeared (slightly) within the next couple of weeks, a complaint the station says has been echoed by other users. Also, we found some comments to the effect that Urine Gone smells almost as bad as urine itself, though the odor doesn't linger once the stain has been removed.

Our Sources

Connie Thompson, Dec. 7, 2005

This news station asks a local pet owner to try out Urine Gone, and it's a smashing success: a spot regularly peed on by his dog simply disappears. However, Urine Gone was ineffective on old stains (because, according to the manufacturer, they'd been treated with other cleaners).

Connie Thompson, Dec. 21, 2005

In a follow-up to the review above, Connie Thompson notes that the stain removed so successfully by her test subject a couple of weeks before appears to be coming back, a complaint she says has been echoed by other users.

Julie Lind, April 3, 2008

In this thorough review, Julie Lind tries out Urine Gone on the stains caused by her two elderly cats. She says the product works as advertised on new stains, but is effective on only half of old urine stains. She even tries it out on human urine, with impressive results.

Lesli Foster, May 2009

This station's test subject works at the Washington Humane Society; she tries Urine Gone on some old stains, which show marked improvement (she even gets down on her hands and knees to see if she can detect any urine smell). Her verdict: "I would try it again."

Whitney Vann,

In this video clip, consumer reporter Whitney Vann asks a local pet owner to try out Urine Gone; she also tests the product herself. Unfortunately, they try out Urine Gone on old pet stains, while the product is intended for new urine stains that haven't yet been treated by other cleaners. The product fails miserably.

Karyn Greer, July 29, 2009

In another misguided test, a local pet owner tries Urine Gone on old urine stains made by her golden retriever. The product barely works, but the piece does note at the end that "the company said the product works best on fresh stains."

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