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Wonder Hanger Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Organizes clothes
  • Saves a bit of closet space


  • Doesn't save much space
  • Awkward to retrieve clothes
  • Flimsy construction
  • Complaints about buying online
Our Analysis
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The Wonder Hanger is a plastic closet organizer designed to save space by holding up to five clothes hangers vertically. The TV ads and Wonder Hanger website claim that using Wonder Hangers will triple your closet space, yet leave clothes wrinkle-free.

Tests show, however, that the Wonder Hanger saves little or no space. A reporter at WICU in Erie, Pa., demonstrates how unorganized clothes that take up 20 inches on the closet rod take up the same amount of space after being hung on Wonder Hangers -- the clothes merely hang vertically instead of horizontally. Tests at two other TV stations also report minimal space savings, and all three reporters recommend against buying Wonder Hangers. We also found complaints on consumer websites that the Wonder Hangers are flimsy, stretching and bending under the weight of clothes.

We also found dozens of people complaining about transactions made on the Wonder Hanger website. Users report that the total amount charged to their credit cards isn't shown while ordering, and many complain that the shipping and handling fees add up to outrageous totals -- fees that aren't refunded if you return the order.

We found the most objective test of the Wonder Hanger at WICU. Video tests at KEPR in Pasco, Wash., and at KDIK in Idaho Falls, Idaho, also are valuable. More than 70 Wonder Hanger customers also review the device -- and the practices of the website selling it -- at InfomercialScams.com and at RipoffReport.com. A consultant on direct-response marketing, Jordan Fine, compares the Wonder Hanger with similar products at the SciMark blog.

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