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Wonder Washer Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Cleans clothing well
  • Does not need a water hook-up
  • Small and light
  • Great for felting material


  • Loads must be small
  • Does not have a rinse cycle
  • Water must be emptied manually
  • Socks can become entangled
Our Analysis

The biggest complaint about the Wonder Washer is that it does not have a rinse cycle. The soapy water must be emptied manually after use, which can be difficult because the bucket gets heavy, and garments must then be rinsed separately with clean water. A few people comment that the Wonder Washer looks cheaply made, and that it shakes and is noisy. Several caution against washing socks in this machine because they can become entangled. Also, the machine does not offer a way to regulate or measure water temperature.

Knitters have appropriated the Wonder Washer for an unintended use: to felt their wool. Knitters say that felting in a Wonder Washer is better than in a regular washing machine because the Wonder Washer allows you to control the amount of water that is used, and the lint and fibers that are left behind are easily removed from the bucket, instead of clogging up water lines.

The Wonder Washer has not been included in any professional comparison tests, but we found numerous owner reviews of the Wonder Washer on websites such as Amazon.com and AssociatedContent.com. Some of these reviews offer very detailed instructions and helpful tips. The use of the Wonder Washer is also demonstrated in several videos on YouTube.com.

Our Sources

Contributors to Amazon.com,

The Wonder Washer receives mostly positive reviews from more than 70 reviewers on Amazon.com. Most reviewers say that the Wonder Washer cleans well and is a good substitute for hand washing. For some reviewers, though, the need to empty the bucket and rinse the clothing after washing obviates any convenience. A few owners note that the machine shakes and is noisy. Several people have trouble turning the knobs that set the washing time. These reviews also offer many helpful tips on how to optimize use.

Contributors to TaylorGifts.com,

A handful of reviewers at this site for home accessories are pleased with the Wonder Washer. Two of the reviewers say they use it for all of their laundry, although others say it is best for smaller, lighter items.


Peter, an anonymous reviewer at this website about washing machines, tries the Wonder Washer and is not impressed. Peter thinks that the machine requires a lot of work, including filling and emptying the bucket, and rinsing and wringing the clothing after the wash. That said, he adds that it's as good as any other portable washing machine.

Yvonne Cote, Oct. 21, 2007

In this long user review, Yvonne Cote states that the Wonder Washer works "exceedingly well" and helps her minimize trips to the Laundromat. Cote does, however, have a few complaints. She thinks that the Wonder Washer is made of "very cheap plastic" and recommends that it be handled with care. Cote cautions that socks should not be washed in this machine because they can become entangled. She concludes that the Wonder Washer cannot completely replace a regular washing machine, but that it can substantially decrease trips to the Laundromat.

Wendy King, Sept. 27, 2007

In this long user review, Wendy King says that the Wonder Washer cleans small amounts of clothes very well and is especially good for baby clothes and undergarments. But King doesn't like the fact that the bucket must be emptied after the wash cycle. To rinse the clothes, King refills the washer with clean, cold water for another cycle. King concludes that the Wonder Washer is "a great buy."

Contributors to YouTube.com,

YouTube.com contains several videos of the Wonder Washer in action. All of the reviewers like the Wonder Washer and say that it cleans small amounts of clothing well (a typical load is two short-sleeved shirts and one pair of pants). The owners also offer tips on use. One woman tries to run a rinse cycle using clean water, but finds that it does not work well and that she must rinse out the clothing in the sink.

Contributors to KnittersReview.com,

In this forum for knitters, several posters discuss their experience using the Wonder Washer to felt their material. The consensus is that the Wonder Washer works extremely well for this task.

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