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Top 11 Baby Monitor Reviews

By: Tara Tuckwiller on March 26, 2018

Baby Monitors: Ratings of Sources

Denise and Alan Fields, As of March 2018

Baby Bargains covers all manufacturers of baby monitors in depth. Authors Denise and Alan Fields test performance and ease of use in real-world conditions, and they also consider parent feedback and the brand's track record to come up with their overall rating for each brand. They also pick a few specific best-bet models. Reviews are comparative, thorough and unbiased. Baby Bargains is published as a hard-copy book, and the reviews are now also available for free on the website.

Editors of Baby Gear Lab, As of March 2018

The editors of Baby Gear Lab test nine popular video baby monitors, nine audio baby monitors and six motion-detecting monitors, judging their ease of use and features as well as range, sound and video clarity, battery life, etc. before picking the winners. Product reviews are highly descriptive and detailed.

Harry Sawyers, Sarah Kovac and Winnie Yang, Updated Oct. 20, 2017

Wirecutter tests 8 popular baby monitors for more than 120 hours under real-world conditions, looking for the best battery life, image (for video monitors) and audio quality, range, ease of use and more. Wi-Fi monitors don't perform well in the test, but Wirecutter finds two video monitors (one has been discontinued) and an inexpensive audio-only monitor to recommend.

Erik Malinowski and Susie Ochs, Feb. 14, 2018

Experts at technology review site Tom's Guide perform hands-on tests of seven video baby monitors (mostly Wi-Fi-connected models) as well as the Nest Cam, a general home-security camera that's often used as a baby monitor. They evaluate range, video and audio quality, battery life, features and ease of setup to make their picks. Choices are rated on a 10-point scale and given a thorough, balanced review.

Carl Franzen, Aug. 4, 2017

As his baby's birthdate approaches, tech journalist Carl Franzen scours baby monitors to find one capable of shutting out hackers. He explains how various technologies – analog, digital (FHSS and DECC) and Wi-Fi – can all allow outsiders to listen or peek at what's going on inside your home. Finally, he reveals which baby monitor he settled on, and which technologies (and specific models) to avoid.

Mark Wilson, Updated Aug. 30, 2017

The Nightlight tests video baby monitors from eight major manufacturers, "living with these devices as they monitored a baby, but also challenging them to film in daylight, low light, and total darkness while walking down three flights of stairs." They back up their pick with a detailed rundown of pros and cons, and they include three runners-up for parents who want different features or price points. Testers also explain why each of the other monitors didn't make the cut.

Contributors to Amazon, As of March 2018

As one of the largest online retailers in the U.S. with a long-standing tradition of collecting user reviews, Amazon offers a wealth of user feedback on current and popular baby monitors. We were able to find numerous reviews of most monitors covered in this report. Amazon user reviews are useful for anecdotal information about monitors and for gathering consensus about a monitor's overall reliability.

Contributors to Target, As of March 2018

Target is a popular destination for purchasing nursery accessories and gear. It sells fewer monitors than Amazon, and there are fewer reviews overall. But user feedback tends to be detailed and helpful.

Contributors to Walmart, As of March 2018

Walmart offers parent feedback on a range of baby monitors and is a particularly good source for opinions on basic models, such as analog and digital audio baby monitors. Customers rate products on a 5-star scale.

David Priest, Aug. 21, 2016

Tech-review site CNET doesn't focus specifically on baby products, but sometimes reviews them if they are tech-focused. This buying guide includes links to several in-depth baby monitor reviews that rate products on a one- to five-star scale and give separate scores for features, usability, design and performance. The even-handed, photo-heavy reviews also feature pros, cons and a "bottom line." None of the baby monitors earns an Editors' Choice nod, though.

Will Greenwald and Alex Colon, Feb. 20, 2018

PCMag tests Wi-Fi-connected video baby monitors, listing nine of them in this handy comparison chart (one wins an Editors' Choice award). Links lead to full reviews. Although the monitors are tested, the tests focus more on their ease of use and web-connected features than on real-world baby watching. PCMag also tests two wearable monitors that track a baby's vital signs; one rates "Excellent." PCMag's review doesn't mention that some pediatricians caution against wearable monitors.

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