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Backpacks: Expert and User Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on July 18, 2017

Backpacks: Ratings of Sources

Contributors to eBags.com, As of July 2017

This retail site claims to be the biggest retailer of bags of all kinds, and it has a huge number of reviews for many backpacks. Each pack is rated for appearance, organization and value, and the site also indicates how many owners say they'd buy it again. This is a great resource for finding out how these backpacks perform in real-world conditions, as the reviews tend to be thorough and detailed.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of July 2017

Amazon.com carries hundreds of backpacks, both unisex models and those that, by color or style, are targeted specifically for male or female consumers. They also carry backpacks for any age, from tots to adults. The most popular backpacks get hundreds or even thousands of reviews, and better than 4.5 star ratings.

Contributors to DickSportingGoods.com, As of July 2017

DickSportingGoods.com carries a wide range of backpacks, with a focus on those that can do double-duty as daypacks or for other outdoor activities. While there are not as many overall reviews for each product, you can narrow your search by several criteria, such as color, size and whether or not the backpack is available in the brick-and-mortar stores.

Contributors to TheWirecutter.com , March 28, 2017

Several staffers at TheWirecutter.com contribute to this roundup of the best laptop backpacks. These are aimed at adults and older students, but discussion is thorough and helpful, although backpacks for younger children are not mentioned.

Contributors to Target.com, As of July 2017

Target.com is a popular destination for school supplies and they carry a good variety of school backpacks, especially cheaper, character-themed packs for younger children. There are fewer overall reviews here, though, as well as fewer "classic" backpack brands, like North Face and JanSport.

Contributors to LLBean.com, As of July 2017

The drawback to L.L.Beam.com is that they only carry one brand of backpack: L.L.Bean. However, it's a brand that is iconic in backpacks and this is the only site to get customer reviews for how these packs perform in real-world use.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, Aug. 19, 2014

Good Housekeeping enlists the help of actual kids to test and evaluate some popular rolling backpacks for children. Each gets a fairly comprehensive review that includes pros and cons.

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