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By: Tara Tuckwiller on September 19, 2017

Editor's Note:
Remember Polaroids? Well, instant cameras are back -- and they're a fun alternative to cheap digital cameras, and owners and critics adore them. But while there are lots of options at a wide range of price points, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 snaps right to the top in most reviews. It's the subject of this Quick Take report.

Best Instant Camera
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Best instant camera

Reviewers love the fun, cheap Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. The tiny, retro-styled Instax spits out credit card-sized little snapshots that develop right before your eyes, like the Polaroids of yore. It's truly point-and-shoot, experts say: Even a novice can take reliably good photos with the Instax. Photos cost about 62 cents per shot.

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Quick Take:

Instant cameras, which produce a Polaroid-like snapshot that develops in minutes, have become a sensation. "There’s nothing quite like taking someone’s picture and then moments later sharing the only version of it in the world with them as a gift," says Erin Lodi at And no instant camera draws more love than the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. It's solidly built, with more manual controls than other instant cameras, and it creates reliably good photos in auto mode (even at night, with the built-in flash). The Instax Mini 90 comes with a rechargeable battery, charger and shoulder strap.

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