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By: Carl Laron on December 01, 2017

Looking to cut back or get rid of your cable TV? For cost, ease-of-use and content, the Roku Steaming Stick + is an easy call as the best streaming media player.

Roku Streaming Stick+ Review
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Best media streaming device

The Roku Streaming Stick + is an easy choice as the best media streamer you can buy. The Roku platform, experts say, is easy to use, with a more complete lineup of content sources than any other streaming option. The Streaming Stick + is a middle model in Roku's hardware line up, but brings with it a ton of useful features, including voice search, a remote that can power on your TV and control its volume, and support for 4K and HDR video.

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Quick Take:

A streaming media player makes it possible for you to cut the cord to your cable provider without missing out on some of the programs and channels that you've come to enjoy. There are a few pretty good streaming players out there, such as Amazon Fire TV (Est. $70), Apple TV 4K (Est. $180 and up) and Google Chromecast Ultra (Est. $70), but none, experts say, delivers a better value and overall experience than the Roku Streaming Stick +. It's feature packed and future proofed, and the Roku platform is widely applauded for its ease of use and unbeatable line up of streaming services.


Top 6 Streaming Stick Reviews

  1. Consumer Reports - Streaming media players & services, Editors of Consumer Reports, As of November 2017

    This Consumer Reports review of streaming media players and services does an excellent job of evaluating streaming options. Both 4K and HD streamers are evaluated, and the discussion is deeper than we've seen in many other Consumer Reports reviews. Players are rated and ranked, and Recommended models and Best Buys are named.

  2. CNET - Best Media Streamers of 2017, Editors of CNET, Nov. 2, 2017

    Here, CNET lists its picks for the best current media streaming devices. Capsule reviews lead to long, detailed, and expert evaluations of each device. Recommendations range from the best choice for most people, to the best choice for those with advanced TVs, to the best choice for those with old TVs (without HDMI inputs).

  3. PCMag - The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2017, Will Greenwald, As of Oct. 26, 2017

    PCMag offers its take on the top choices for media streaming. As with the case with CNET and Consumer Reports, testing is hands on and competently done. Reviews on this page are short, but links lead to long, and well detailed write ups.

  4. TechHive - Best media streaming device, Jared Newman, Oct. 27, 2017

    This is another pretty good evaluation of media streamers. Jared Newman tests new streamers as they are introduced and updates this list as the landscape changes. A best 4K choice and best budget choice are named, as are other devices to consider. Links lead to longer evaluations.

  5. Best Buy - Streaming Media Players, Contributors to Best Buy, As of November 2017

    Best Buy carries most of the available media streaming devices. Users leave reviews of those that they've purchased. Reviews aren't terribly long, for the most part, but many are from verified buyers, and include a recommendation on whether or not they would recommend their streaming player to a friend. Some products only get a handful of reviews, others get dozens, hundreds, and sometimes well over 1,000.

  6. Amazon - Streaming Media Players, Contributors to Amazon, As of November 2017

    Normally, we'd rank Amazon much higher, however the site does not carry some important streaming devices, such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Other devices, though, including Amazon Fire TV and the various Roku streamers, including the Roku Streaming Stick +, get tons of feedback. One plus, some reviews are very detailed -- far more so than on other user review sites.

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