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By: Kelly Burgess on November 20, 2017

Editor's note:
The Oster Versa keeps its top spot this year as the best full-sized blender, with the Vitamix 5200 still the top choice for heavy-duty blending tasks. We also name a couple of terrific, inexpensive blenders for occasional use, and a few that will thrill single-serve smoothie (or milkshake!) fans.

Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0 Review
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter Capacity - 64 oz. Speeds - 3 + variable control Size (w,d,h) - 8" x 9" x 17.5"

Best blender

For those who need a sturdy blender for frequent use, but don't need to blend a lot of heavy duty ingredients, the Oster Versa Pro Performance Blender will be a good fit. In testing, it performs well in blending nut butters, making silky purees, and pulverizing ice and fruit for smoothies. Its control panel is straightforward, just a couple of push-buttons and a dial, and it's easy to clean, although not dishwasher-safe. The black and red chassis is attractive, and the rubberized handle feels sturdy and secure. A tamper is included. See our full review »

Buy for $157.78
KitchenAid KSB1570ER Review
Also Consider
Specs that Matter Capacity - 56 oz. Speeds - 5 + pulse, crush Size (w,d,h) - 7.3" x 9" x 15.2"

Best cheap blender

KitchenAid is a respected name in small appliances, and the KitchenAid KSB1570ER is one in the company's line of blenders that's a good choice if you just need a blender for lighter use. Although, "light" is relative when it comes to this model. In tests, this blender does pretty well in crushing ice and frozen fruit for smoothies, and performs particularly well in making purees. At 15.2 inches high, it's a bit shorter than most full-size blenders, with a 56 ounce capacity. Operation is very straightforward and the jar is dishwasher-safe. The KitchenAid also comes in three colors.

Buy for $78.16
Vitamix 5200 Review
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter Capacity - 64 oz. Speeds - 10 + variable control Size (w,d,h) - 7.25" x 8.75" x 20.5"

Best heavy-duty blender

The Vitamix 5200 is considered the gold standard of blenders and it's the one you'll want to choose if you're a serious cook or just happen to be a person who uses your blender on a daily basis or for a lot of challenging tasks. The Vitamix 5200 creates silky smooth purées and can even grind grains and blend hot soups. It's so versatile it's one of the only blenders that can replace your food processor, grain mill, coffee grinder and juicier. The Vitamix is incredibly durable and comes with a seven-year warranty. See our full review »

Buy for $437.59
Cuisinart SmartPower CPB-300 Blender
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter Capacity - 32 oz. and 16 oz. Speeds - Two + pulse Size (w,d,h) - 5.3" x 5.9" x 15"

Best single-serve blender

Want more than just a blender stand with a jar on top? The Cuisinart SmartPower CPB-300 is a versatile choice both for everyday blending tasks and for smoothies-on-the-go. For the price, it's a pretty powerful performer that includes a large, 32 ounce blender cup for standard blending and four, 16-ounce to-go cups. That means you can make a smoothie right in the cup, put the lid on, and go -- and each family members can customize their own. The smaller, 8-ounce chopping cup chops herbs and grates cheese, making it an all-in-one kitchen appliance. See our full review »

Buy for $49.99
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender
Also Consider
Specs that Matter Capacity - 14 oz. Speeds - One Size (w,d,h) - 4" x 4" x 11.8"

Cheap single-serve blender

Forget about pouring coffee into that travel mug, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender can make a breakfast-to-go that will fit into your cup holder. Fast and efficient, the Hamilton Beach is one of the best-reviewed single-serve blenders by both experts and owners -- even outperforming pricier models. This little blender is great for commuters or just for those who are the only smoothie fans in the house. And, if you like rocking the coordinated look, this little blender comes in a variety of colors -- so you can buy one to match every outfit.

Buy for $18.02

Types of Blenders

Basic Blenders

Most people just need a blender for general use; if that's you this is the type of blender you're looking for. They perform well for most basic tasks, such as pureeing sauces; making smoothies and milkshakes; and, usually, crushing ice. They don't do as well at that latter task as heavy-duty blenders, however, and they might struggle to blend tough vegetables like kale and celery.

Heavy-Duty Blenders

This type of blender always finishes at the top of professional tests, but they're also at the top end of the price scale. These are the countertop blenders that you need if you want to grind grains into flour, blend hot ingredients, heat cold ingredients, and turn out perfectly silky purees. They also do well making things like salsas, where a consistent, yet chunky, texture is important. These high-end machines can even replace your juicer because they can pulverize leafy vegetables, like kale.

Single-Serve Blenders

For the smoothie fan, there's no better choice than a single-serve blender. These small blenders are just loads of fun -- simply toss your smoothie ingredients into the container, blend, remove the cup, and drink. Most come with travel mugs so you can take your smoothie on-the-go. Some models are individual units, while others are larger units that include one or more individual serving cups, making them both a full-sized blender and a single-serve blender. These are not particularly well-suited to heavy-duty tasks like ice-crushing and pureeing veggies, but if you stick to fruits, yogurt and other milkshake/smoothie ingredients, they'll do just fine.

What else do you need for your food prep?

Countertop blenders aren't the only appliance that can come in handy in the kitchen. If most of your blending involves making emulsions or blending ingredients on the stove, an immersion blender will be a great tool for you. This is merely a stick with a blender at the end and it's highly portable so, instead of bringing the ingredients to the blender, you bring the blender to the ingredients. If you rarely blend, but you cook or bake a lot, a food processor is almost a must have as it makes short work of a huge variety of food preparation tasks. Are your only blending interests making a wide variety of smoothies? Then you definitely need a juicer, which has a dedicated process for grinding out every last bit of juice, nutrients and enzymes from soft and hard fruits, as well as the most challenging leafy vegetable. Each of these small kitchen appliances is covered in its own ConsumerSearch report.

Finding The Best Blenders
Our Sources
"The Best Blender"
"The Best Blenders of 2017"
"The Best Personal Blender"

To make our top picks in countertop blenders, we analyzed blender reviews from a number of expert sources to find those blenders that are top performers, yet easy to use and clean. Experts at Consumer Reports and Cook's Illustrated thoroughly test blenders, powering through everything from ice cubes to fibrous frozen pineapple to find the sturdiest blenders with the smoothest results. We also consulted comparison-test results from Good Housekeeping, CNET and Wirecutter.

One shortcoming with professional reviews is that they typically only analyze a given product over a short period of time, and under sometimes ideal conditions. Because of that, we also consulted hundreds of owner reviews, which are a great resource for learning about real-world performance and long-term durability. The results of our research is a roundup of the best blenders for any lifestyle need.

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