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Top 11 Blender Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on November 20, 2017

Blenders: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

For this report, the team of professional testers at Consumer Reports spent hours crushing ice, preparing frozen drinks, puréeing soups and grating Parmesan cheese in nearly 120 blenders. Using these test results and their ratings of each blender's noise level, durability and convenience the blenders are ranked from best to worst in an easy-to-read chart.

Christine Cyr Clisset and Lesley Stockton, Sept. 20, 2016

The Oster Versa is the top choice at Wirecutter; although they note that the Vitamix 5200 is actually the best blender, they say the Versa is the best for most people. The review is thorough and includes research, expert interviews, evaluations of owner reviews, and testing. Each blender is thoroughly reviewed; they're also compared and contrasted, resulting in a very helpful guide to what blenders are suitable for a wide variety of blending tasks, from heavy-duty to light.

Angie Parkinson, June 30, 2017

Top Ten Reviews tests 18 blenders to come up with their top 14 choices. Each blender is tested for performance, design, prep and cleanup, and warranty and support. Blenders are then ranked and rated; three are designated Gold, Silver or Bronze Award winners. Testing appears to be thorough, although details are scarce, and the results are well-documented in various charts that compare the blenders to each other.

Brian Vu, Sept. 11, 2017

Your Best Digs puts 21 single-serve blenders to the test, finally narrowing it down to seven that underwent 40 hours of testing. They name a top pick, budget pick and a luxury option. Testing is well-documented and includes noise, blending time, ease of use, cost, included accessories, and, of course, performance in blending an individual drink.

Editors of Cook's Illustrated, January 2014

This testing was originally performed in September 2012 with editors challenging nine blenders, including several in this report, with a variety of blending tasks. Tests included crushing ice, making frozen drinks, and blending lump-free smoothies, milkshakes, and hummus. They also measured noise levels. The report was updated in January 2014 to include long-term durability results. Testing durability included putting the blenders through the same battery of original tests. Testers also made smoothies using fibrous ingredients, such as frozen pineapple and stringy raw kale, every day for a month.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, As of November 2017

Testers at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute put several dozen blenders through their paces, considering ease of use, customer service and performance in grinding, chopping and smoothie-making. Each blender is given a star grade (out of 5) and a list of pros and cons.

Editors of CNET, March 6, 2015

All of the blenders in this round up have undergone rigorous testing, charts in most of the write-ups include how they perform versus other tested blenders. The blenders are put through the basic tasks like making smoothies and crushing ice, as well as heavy jobs like milling whole almonds and grating entire 8-ounce block of sharp cheddar cheese.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of November 2017

Amazon has thousands of blenders in all price ranges and sizes. It is an excellent source for owner reviews of blenders -- which often note durability problems that are missed by some professional tests. It's also a great way to learn how well the blender performs in real-world use. Many of the blenders from Vitamix and Blendtec get stellar ratings with hundreds or even thousands of reviews posted, and many cheaper models do as well as their more expensive competition.

Contributors to Bed Bath & Beyond, As of November 2017

Bed Bath & Beyond is a popular site for appliance purchases, and they have dozens of blenders to choose from. While there are not as many reviews for some blenders here as there is at Amazon, others get even more reviews. Owners provide detailed feedback, including pros and cons. There are also ratings breakdowns for value and quality, and a percentage listed of those who would refer the product to a friend.

Contributors to Target, As of November 2017

Like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target has fewer reviews overall than Amazon does for individual blenders, but there are plenty of blenders on this site and many have dozens of reviews. It's a great resource for mid-level, general use blenders, which dominate the search results. Ratings are given for overall averages as well as for total value.

Contributors to Walmart, As of November 2017

Walmart is a great resource for mid-level, general use blenders, as well as less expensive models that might fall by the wayside on other sites. The top blenders get quite a few reviews, sometimes hundreds.

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