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Central Air Conditioners : Ratings of Sources

By: Carl Laron on May 24, 2017

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Central Air Conditioners: Ratings of Sources

Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated

ConsumerReports.org does not test central air conditioners, but it does evaluate the reliability of different brands, including American Standard, Bryant, Trane Lennox, Carrier and others. In the most recent survey, more than 14,000 readers who bought central air conditioning units between 2009 and 2016 reported on whether the units needed repairs by the fifth year of ownership.

Editors of EnergyStar.gov, As of May 2017

This report names the most efficient central air conditioners and air source heat pumps for 2017. The list includes conventional central air systems, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split system. This is a terrific resource if the lowest ongoing energy costs are your primary concern, but other aspects, such as reliability, maintenance and initial cost, are not considered.

Editors of WebHVAC.com, As of May 2017

WebHVAC.com is a site run by a group of former HVAC contractors that "covers just about everything to do with HVAC equipment in your home, business, or environment." Here, the editors name the 10 best central air conditioners overall for 2016 (the list had not yet been updated for 2017 at the time this report was created), which includes models from Lennox, Maytag, American Standard, Trane and more. Each short write up includes some brief information on the brand and model, including energy efficiency and warranty, but performance and reliability are not evaluated, and there's no mention of hands-on testing or user surveys. Links lead to other lists, including top low-cost central air conditioner systems and most energy efficient air conditioners.

Contributors to FurnaceCompare.com, As of May 2017

FurnaceCompare.com has the largest collection of owner reviews of central air conditioners that we spotted on the web. Though there isn't feedback on every brand, most of the top makers are profiled and receive at least some reviews -- and the most popular brands get 100 or more. A list of best-rated central air conditioners for 2017 is also included. Other information, such as how to properly size your central air conditioner for your home, can be helpful, too.

Bill Brown, June 11, 2015

Bill Brown, an Ohio-based HVAC contractor, explains that despite the number of brands of central air conditioners available, most are made by "about six" equipment manufacturers. He adds that at the top end, differences can be small and that the biggest factor in getting the best central air conditioner is choosing the best installer. He says that one reason that certain brands such as Lennox, Trane and Carrier rise to the top in perceived quality.

Editors of ACEEE.org, Not Dated

Smarter House is run by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency. Its website has a wealth of information relating to energy-efficient appliances and government tax incentive programs. This page provides advice on how to reduce your need for air conditioning, while page links lead to information on how to find a good contractor, choose a new air conditioning system and keep your air conditioner running efficiently. However, specific brands or models of central air conditioner are not evaluated or compared.

Contributors to HVAC-Talk.com, As of May 2017

This busy online community of homeowners and HVAC professionals has lots of information about central air conditioning systems. Particularly helpful is an Ask Our Professionals (AOP) forum where homeowners can as questions about their HVAC equipment and receive answers only from recognized industry professionals that are members of the site, which helps cut down on clutter and less helpful tangents that often crop up in similar communities.

Editors of Energy.gov, Not Dated

This government guide explains how central air conditioning works, how to select a new air conditioning system for your home and how to ensure proper installation. Links at the bottom lead to separate articles about maintaining your air conditioner and troubleshooting common problems. It's a very reasonable starting point for learning about technology and buying considerations, but it has no information about brands and no comparative guidance.

Editors of PGE.com, Not Dated

This guide from a California utility company advises consumers on how to choose the right central air conditioner and make sure it is properly installed. Topics include selecting a contractor, sizing your AC system to fit your home, energy efficiency ratings for air conditioners, and complying with state and local building codes. The guide does not discuss air conditioner brands or models.

"Tim", Not Dated

A California HVAC contractor shares his take on the top central air conditioner brands, and offers some general tips. Brands are ranked based factors such as reliability, customer service, features and costs. "Tim" clearly has some preferences between brands, but adds that the most systems are actually very comparable and that the biggest factor in satisfaction will come down to the contractor you hire to install it.

Editors of All Things HVAC, Not Dated

A husband and wife team of HVAC contractors share their expertise here regarding the best central air conditioner brands of 2016. Seven top brands, and two honorable mentions are named. Elsewhere on the site you can find more in-depth reviews including more detailed pros and cons of many major brands.

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