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Best Electric Dryers

By: Kelly Burgess on January 26, 2018

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Best electric dryer


LG, Samsung, GE, Kenmore and Maytag are top choices

If you're looking for a new clothes dryer, chances are that an electric model is what you need since 80 percent of all dryers sold are electric. If so, we suggest you start your search by checking out the LG DLEX3570W (Est. $1,000) . This model is the white version, but it's also available in graphite steel as the LG DLEX3570V (Est. $1,100). Gas versions are also available. The DLEX3570W pairs with a well-reviewed, front-loading washer, the LG WM3770HWA (Est. $1,000) if you need a full set.

The LG DLEX3570W is a very well-equipped dryer, with a steam cycle, a drying rack, a reversible door, 12 drying programs and eight drying options. At Reviewed, the DLEX3570W earns an impressive 9.3 score and an Editors' Choice nod. In testing there. it performs well on all cycles, and editors call out its handy steam cycle as a particularly nice -- and convenient -- feature. They also note that there are plenty of ways you can tweak the settings on this dryer to your heart's content, but if you prefer set-it-and-forget-it convenience, there are enough presets to make that happen. It's fast, too, they note, something that CNET discovered as well, saying, it "zipped through its test loads in just 41 minutes on average."

At Consumer Reports, the LG DLEX3570W earns Excellent scores for drying performance and convenience, and is rated Very Good for noise. At 7.4 cubic feet it's plenty large enough for most families and most bedding and the sensors are reported as being very accurate, which means you probably won't have to deal with your laundry over-drying, or going to unload the dryer only to find damp laundry. The only complaint was say was that Reviewed testers said the countdown timer wasn't accurate on some cycles.

A gas version of this clothes dryer is also available, in graphite steel as the LG DLGX3571V (Est. $1,200) or in white as the LG DLGX3571W (Est. $1,100). Both of those dryers should perform comparably to the electric version. This LG series of dryers are covered by a one-year warranty, and also include SmartDiagnosis, which enables you to connect with a service representative to troubleshoot problems via phone or with a smartphone app.

Another LG dryer, the LG DLEX7600WE (Est. $1,100) is the matching dryer for our Best Reviewed top-loading washing machine, the LG WT7500CW (Est. $1,000). It gets terrific feedback from owners, who say its 7.3 cubic foot capacity is a great time-saver as it can handle larger loads -- and larger pieces of bedding. At Consumer Reports, it falls just short of earning a Recommended nod, but it gets a score of 81 out of 100; the top dryer there earns an 84, but that one has been discontinued.

The LG DLEX7600WE has 14 preset dry cycles, five temperature settings, five drying levels and two steam cycles. A custom program allows you even more flexibility to tweak your drying preferences. The gas version of this dryer is the LG DLGX7601WE (Est. $1,150).

If you'd like to pay a little less for your new dryer, you might want to take a look at the Samsung DV42H5000EW (Est. $700). While it doesn't get the accolades of our Best Reviewed pick, it does pretty well for the price, getting Excellent ratings for drying performance, convenience and noise at Consumer Reports. The editors there also give it a Best Buy nod. At Reviewed, Jonathan Chan is also impressed, saying, "The Samsung DV42H5000EW boasts one of the best price-to-performance ratios we've seen in a long time." He ultimately gives it a score of 8.3 out of 10 and bestows an Editor's Choice award on this dryer.

Although it's not totally tricked out, the Samsung DV42H5000EW has plenty of features for all but the most laundry-obsessed, owners say. Those include nine cycle settings; and the sensor settings are said to be very accurate, with the dryer turning off at the appropriate time for drying without over-drying. This dryer also comes with Samsung's Smart Care feature, so you can troubleshoot any issues right from your smartphone. One big plus, users note, is that this dryer is much faster than most, taking just about 40 minutes to dry an average load.

The Samsung DV42H5000EW pairs up with the Samsung WF42H5000AW (Est. $700) front load washer. While the washer doesn't get as high of ratings as the dryer, they're not too bad, either, with owners saying they're quite pleased by the set. Both appliances come only in white. The gas version of the dryer is the Samsung DV42H5000GW (Est. $800).

A high-capacity dryer can shorten laundry day

If being able to clean that king-sized comforter is a priority for you, or you have a big family and want to dispense with your laundry as quickly as possible, the Kenmore Elite 61633 (Est. $1,530) is a great choice. At 9.2 cubic feet it's a fitting companion to the Kenmore Elite 31633 (Est. $1,530) which is our Best Reviewed high-capacity washing machine; we give it an in-depth review in our separate report on washing machines.

The Kenmore Elite 61633 earns a rating of Excellent for drying performance and noise at Consumer Reports, Very Good for convenience. While there aren't a lot of user reviews, those we spotted are very complimentary, with virtually all giving it a 5-star rating and saying that it blows through big loads of wet laundry very effectively -- drying without over-drying. And they love that it can handle even the biggest, fluffiest comforters, not to mention what would be several loads of laundry in a smaller machine.

This Kenmore dryer is fully-featured too, with several sensor technologies to adjust the drying time and temperature for the most effective performance. A steam cycle allows you to toss clothes in for a quick freshen up -- always a popular option with folks in a hurry. And it includes a drying rack for things you don't want to be tossing around -- like delicate sweaters or bulky sneakers. The 61633 has a metallic finish, but it also comes in white as the Kenmore Elite 61632 (Est. $1,420) and in gas versions.

Another choice in this category, is the 9-cubic-foot LG DLEX9000V (Est. $1,500). As its price would indicate, it's fully featured, with more cycles than most people even dreamed existed, much less will ever need (although laundry fanatics will be in cycle heaven). That includes 14 drying cycles, 5 temperature settings and apps to link the dryer to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on its status.

Reviewed gives the LG DLEX9000V a perfect 10, an Editors' Choice and a Best of Year nod. They find its performance excellent on all cycles, and they love how quickly it zaps a load of wet laundry. And, of course, its ginormous -- big enough for even a California King-sized comforter or a whole bedding set for a smaller bed. Or just buy it to dry bigger loads to save time. Users say it definitely has shortened laundry day for them, not only because it accommodates so much laundry, but also because its cycles are very fast. CNET calls out its "swift performance," while Reviewed notes that it, "gets the wrinkles out of a shirt effortlessly, in the time it takes to eat breakfast."

Above and beyond performance and features, the LG DLEX9000V is acknowledged to be an uncommonly attractive dryer. It's "striking" says CNET. Reviewed says, "We see attractive dryers in our labs all the time, but this dryer's Graphite Steel finish dazzled us." Be warned, though, it's big -- be sure it will fit in your available space before you commit.

A great dryer doesn't have to break the bank

As we noted in the introduction to this report, you don't really need a lot of features on a dryer; what's important is that it dry your clothes without being too rough on them. To accomplish that and still keep some cash in your wallet, we recommend the GE GTD65EBSJWS (Est. $700). It's the mate to our Best Reviewed cheap top loading washer, the GE GTW680BSJWS (Est. $700) (covered in our washing machines report)

The GE GTD65EBSJWS gets great reviews from owners, with most saying it's fast and efficient and they feel they got a great value. Although it's just 7.4 cubic feet, users also say it's plenty large for all but the bulkiest king-size comforters. It does well in professional tests as well, earning Very Good ratings for drying performance and noise and an Excellent score for convenience at Consumer Reports.

Jonathan Chan at Reviewed is similarly impressed, calling the GE GTD65EBSJWS, "A solid option at a fair price." He says it runs a bit too hot, but it also doesn't get clothes 100 percent dry, something that is considered a plus, as over-drying can shorten the life of your clothing.

In spite of its moderate price point, the GE GTD65EBSJWS boasts some pretty nice features, including 12 drying cycles and four temperature settings. The My Cycle option is very popular, as it allows you to program in a preferred cycle to make it faster to choose for subsequent use. Owners say the sensor cycles perform very well.

The GE GTD65EBSJWS is white, but it's available in diamond gray as the GE GTD65EBPLDG (Est. $800). The gas powered option is available as the GE GTD65GBSJWS (Est. $800).

If your budget's even tighter, take a look at the Maytag MEDC215EW (Est. $550). While Matthew Zahnzinger at Reviewed gives it a middling score of just 4.9 out of 10, he also says that it's a good choice if you just want dry clothes.

Owners, however, are ecstatic. Based on thousands of reviews, the Maytag MEDC215EW is one of the highest-rated dryers we saw in any price class. Users praise the generous, 7 cubic-foot capacity, and say it's quiet and dries fast on the normal cycle, but can be slow on heavier cycles. Those who were just looking for a basic, sturdy dryer say this Maytag offers outstanding quality, features and value for the price. Those features include 15 cycle options as well as three temperature options.

The Maytag MEDC215EW pairs with the 3.6 cubic foot Maytag MVWC416FW (Est. $600). We don't review that washer in our washing machine report, and its owner satisfaction is lower, overall, than with the dryer, but is still pretty good. The MEDC215EW is also available as a gas-powered model as the Maytag MGDC215EW (Est. $650).

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