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Top 9 Clothes Dryer Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on January 26, 2018

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Clothes Dryers: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

Consumer Reports rates more than 200 electric and gas clothes dryers; each receives an overall rating plus individual scores for drying performance, convenience and noise. Not all the dryers rated here have actually been tested, however; some are evaluated based on their similarity to tested models. In addition, a couple of their top picks have been discontinued in the past year.

Editors of Reviewed, As of January 2018

Reviewed looks at a number of dryers, considering factors such as design, usability, performance and features. They also conduct formal testing to see how well each dryer performs on different settings including normal, delicate, bulky and quick drying. Testing is well explained. Some dryers are discontinued, but those older reviews are helpful if you're shopping at an appliance outlet. Top products are clearly identified by their scores as well as Editors' Choice and Best of Year designations.

Editors of CNET, As of January 2018

Although CNET does not review quite as many appliances as other sites, they are known for their thorough and comprehensive testing. Products are often ranked and charted against other, similar items as well. Many of the dryers that CNET focuses on high-tech features or other tech-worthy touches that give us good insight into the dryers of the future.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, Jan. 1, 2018

Good Housekeeping editors name the top six dryers in several categories. The reviews are brief but informative. Elsewhere on this site is a roundup of about 25 other dryers with reviews dating from 2009 to 2015; a number of those have been discontinued, however.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of January 2018

Home Depot sells hundreds of gas and electric dryers. Some dryers have a handful of reviews, while others have hundreds or even thousands. Home Depot's user reviews are drawn from its own customers and also from those posting at manufacturer websites. These manufacturer-site reviews provide a wider base of reference, and appear to be unbiased since negative as well as positive reactions are posted. However, these reviews are also duplicated at other retail sites across the web.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of January 2018

Best Buy is a good source to check for user reviews of dryers. Although it does not have as large a volume of reviews as Home Depot, we still found several mostly electric dryers with high ratings and hundreds of reviews by Best Buy shoppers. Best Buy provides links to additional reviews at manufacturers' sites, but does not tally those with its own user reviews. That makes Best Buy the best site for getting a second (or first) read on user satisfaction.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of January 2018

Lowe's, the web site of a major home-improvement retailer, lists hundreds of dryer models. User feedback on this site looks high, but is inflated in many cases by reviews taken from manufacturer web sites. While these reviews are unbiased, it appears, most duplicate feedback we saw elsewhere.

Contributors to Sears, As of January 2018

Sears sells a good selection of clothes dryers and is the primary retailer of Kenmore dryers (some are now also sold via Amazon), so it's a good source to check for reviews of that brand -- even though most Kenmore dryers receive no more than a handful of owner reviews. Other brands listed appear to have much more feedback, but numbers of reviews are greatly inflated by reviews taken from manufacturers' sites, and Sears does a poor job making that clear. Some reviews are from verified Sears's buyers, however.

Contributors to AJ Madison, As of January 2018

AJ Madison, the web site of a Brooklyn, NY, appliance retailer, has a good selection of clothes dryers. Once again, reviews are sometimes taken from manufacturers' web sites, so total numbers of reviews can be misleading. On the positive side, AJ Madison clearly identifies those reviews that are sourced elsewhere so you can determine how helpful the feedback on a specific model truly is.

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