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Top 11 Coffee Grinder Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on October 24, 2017

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Coffee Grinders: Ratings of Sources

Cale Guthrie Weissman, Dec. 14, 2015

Forty hours of research and the extensive testing of nine coffee grinders results in the Baratza Virtuoso being named the top burr coffee grinder here. Testing is extensive and includes an examination of the grind samples by the site's science editor. In addition to the Virtuoso, a less expensive alternative and a portable coffee grinder are recommended.

Mark Prince, Not Dated

This extensive test of Baratza's line of coffee grinders is widely cited by experts and professionals in the world of coffee-grinder reviews. It's very relevant, even though it includes only one manufacturer, because Baratza is considered to be a top producer of coffee grinders.

Editors of Cook's Illustrated, May 2016

Nine coffee grinders are tested in this original roundup from 2001, which was updated recently to name a new top pick when the previous one was discontinued. Cook's Illustrated editors frequently review their product tests, and only update them if there have been changes in the market that would affect their results. On the downside, this review includes a mix of blade and burr grinders, which is a bit of an apples to oranges comparison.

Matthew Kang, March 20, 2015

Matthew Kang sets out to find a good hand grinder for travel -- or just for those who can't afford the far more expensive electric burr grinders. He tests four Hario coffee mills, along with the OE Lido 2 and the Porlex JP-30. He gives a thorough overview of his experience with each grinder and offers his verdict at the end of each review.

Alan Henry, Nov. 12, 2014

Lifehacker.com asked its readers to weigh in on what burr coffee grinders they thought were best for their weekly "Hive Five" series that asks, "Which tool is the best?" Based on extensive reader feedback, editors list the top five here, each with overviews of the type of coffee grinder, as well as thorough reviews of specific models in that category and plenty of comments from readers.

Mark Prince, Dec. 26, 2009

This exhaustive guide to buying an espresso machine is still as relevant today as it was when it was first written. On this, the second page of the guide, Mark Prince discusses espresso grinders in great depth, and it includes recommendations and detailed reviews. The only thing that dates this article is that it was written before a couple of today's top grinders were released (although by the same manufacturers referenced here), and a couple that he mentions have been discontinued and replaced with updated models.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of October 2017

Hundreds of coffee grinders are reviewed on Amazon.com and some get thousands of reviews. Blade coffee grinder are among the best sellers, with burr grinders trailing, probably due to the fact that they're more expensive and more difficult to use. We noticed several cases where the overall rating is brought down by problems that other reviewers point out are caused by operator error. High-end burr coffee grinders tend to rate better than mid-priced burr grinders.

Contributors to CoffeeGeek.com, As of October 2017

Nearly 100 coffee grinders receive user reviews at CoffeeGeek.com. As the name implies, these contributors are serious about their coffee and the feedback tends to be very specific and critical. There are review guidelines, unlike many other sites: Reviewers are asked to review only products they own, give detailed reviews as opposed to the unhelpful, one-line reviews we often see, and to compare and contrast with other grinders, if possible.

Contributors to WholeLatteLove.com, As of October 2017

There are several pages of coffee grinders at WholeLatteLove.com, including some very expensive models that are not seen at many other sites. While there are not as many reviews at this site as we saw elsewhere, what's here is unusually detailed, broken down by a variety of factors, and includes information regarding the reviewers' coffee drinking habits and knowledge level.

Contributors to SeattleCoffeeGear.com, As of October 2017

SeattleCoffeeGear.com sells about 45 coffee grinders, and all get a decent number of reviews. Each grinder also has a detailed overview of the grinder by the editors of the site, which includes pros, cons and comparisons. Owner reviews are very detailed as well, and are broken down by price, value and quality. In addition, each reviewer is surveyed for their coffee habits.

Contributors to Macys.com, As of October 2017

Macys.com carries just a few, inexpensive to mid-priced coffee grinders, and each gets a decent number of reviews. None of the high-end manufacturers like Rancilio or Baratza are represented here, but familiar brands like Krups and Breville are. Reviews are on a 5-star rating system, and include the percentage of reviewers who would recommend their coffee grinder to a friend.

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