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Color Laser Printers: Expert and User Reviews

By: Tara Tuckwiller on July 31, 2017

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Color Laser Printers: Ratings of Sources

Editors of PCMag.com, As of July 2017

PCMag.com is a prolific reviewer of printers, including color laser printers. The reviews are balanced, comparative and thorough. Detailed benchmark results show comparative speeds. Each printer is rated, and top performers are granted an Editors' Choice award.

Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated

ConsumerReports.org rates 11 color laser printers as part of a larger printer review and buying guide. Each printer is rated on eight criteria (print quality, speed, etc.) and overall, and editors break down each model's cost of ownership (including toner costs), too. The printers are ranked from best to worst, with the top picks earning "Recommended" or "Best Buy" ratings. There isn't much discussion compared to other expert reviewers, though.

Editors of ComputerShopper.com, As of July 2017

ComputerShopper.com doesn't review as many color laser printers as PCMag.com, but its reviews are detailed, covering design, features and performance. Hands-on testing is done for output quality of text, graphics and photos. All printers get an overall star rating. The best models earn Editors' Choice awards, and others are rated as Good for Business, Good for Families, etc.

Editors of TrustedReviews.com, April 12, 2017

U.K. website TrustedReviews.com is another prolific reviewer of printers, though not all of the color laser printers covered here are available in the U.S. Printers are reviewed individually and rated on a 10-point scale. Testing is limited, however, and no proof of text or graphics quality is provided. One color laser printer makes this list of the best printers for 2017.

Ben Z. Gottesman, July 26, 2017

In PCMag.com's annual survey, readers rate printer brands on their reliability, tech support, frequency of repair and how likely they are to recommend the brand to others. For the eighth year in a row, Brother wins.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of July 2017

Lots of color laser printers are listed at Amazon.com. Many garner lots of feedback, but some only get a handful of reviews. Overall ratings tend to be so-so, but some standouts and some disappointments can be spotted. While review quality is variable, many are detailed and insightful. The ability to comment on reviews leads to some enlightening exchanges on occasion.

Contributors to Staples.com, As of July 2017

Here, owners post reviews of laser printers -- more than 100 reviews for some popular models. Like Amazon.com, Staples.com doesn't suppress negative reviews, making it a very helpful source of real owner feedback.

Contributors to BestBuy.com, As of July 2017

BestBuy.com is another site with lots of color laser printers. Most get only a little feedback, but top-rated printers typically amass dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of reviews. Each review includes a star rating, and reviewers say whether they would recommend the printer to a friend.

Contributors to BHPhotoVideo.com, As of July 2017

It's easy to sort customer reviews at the website of this NYC consumer electronics retailer to find the best single-function color laser printers. While you won't find as many reviews as at some other sites, the best printers have amassed enough to make the feedback worth checking out.

Contributors to OfficeDepot.com, As of July 2017

Office Depot/OfficeMax sells a wide variety of printer brands, with a few earning nearly 100 -- or more -- glowing reviews from customers. Although many of the reviews are reprinted from the manufacturers' websites, negative reviews are posted. You can sort the result to find color, printer-only models.

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