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Best Cordless Tool Combo Kits

By: Amy Livingston on July 03, 2017

Get two popular tools and save money with a combo kit

When your task list includes both drilling and heavy-duty driving, then you probably need a drill and an impact driver to get your jobs done. A combo kit, which includes both tools along with batteries that fit in either one, offers a better deal than buying the tools separately.

The DeWalt DCK240C2 (Est. $160) is among the top-rated kits at both Amazon.com and HomeDepot.com. It includes bare-tool versions of the DeWalt DCD771C2 (Est. $100) cordless drill and the DeWalt DCF885C2 (Est. $170) cordless impact driver, along with two 1.3-Ah lithium battery packs, a smart charger, and a contractor bag to carry everything. The DeWalt DC771 hasn't been covered in any professional tests, but it's among the top-rated drills at Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com, and Lowes.com. The DCF885C2 is a recommended model in one professional test, with top marks for power, handling, and charging time, though it loses points for noise and battery life. It's also highly rated at both Amazon.com and Lowes.com.

There are no professional reviews for the DeWalt DCK240C2 combo cordless tool kit, but it receives hundreds of reviews across both sites, with overall ratings of around 4.7 stars out of 5. Owners say both the drill and the driver are powerful, lightweight, and able to run a long time on a charge. They particularly appreciate the three LED lights on the impact driver – the same feature found on the DeWalt DCF887D2 (Est. $180), our top-rated 18-volt impact driver – which illuminate the work area without shadows. The main complaint we saw about the kit is that some users received faulty batteries that wouldn't hold a charge. There are also a few reports of the drill breaking down. Overall, though, most users consider this kit a great value.

DeWalt also offers the DeWalt DCK280C2 (Est. $200). This kit has bare-tool versions of the DeWalt DCD780C2 (Est. $170) cordless drill and the DeWalt DCF885C2, along with two 1.5-Ah lithium ion battery packs, a charger, two belt hooks, and a carrying bag. The DeWalt DCD780C2 earns mixed reviews in professional tests. In the comparison test at TheSweethome.com, the drill is a mediocre performer, managing about half as many holes drilled and screws driven on a charge as our Best-Reviewed Bosch DDS181 (Est. $180). Another test gives it high ratings for speed, power, and charging time, but even there, it gets weak ratings for run time.

There are no professional reviews for the DeWalt DCK280C2 combo cordless tool kit, but users have provided plenty of feedback, and most of it is quite good. We found more than 750 total reviews for it at Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com, and Lowes.com, with overall ratings between 4.5 and 4.7 stars out of 5. Owners describe both tools as powerful, lightweight, and easy to handle. Most of them also say it can run a long time on a charge. However, like the DeWalt DCK240C2, this kit gets some complaints from users that their batteries wouldn't recharge after being fully discharged. There are also some reports that the chuck on the drill is wobbly.

We also found good user reviews for the Milwaukee 2691-22 (Est. $220). This combo kit includes the 18-volt Milwaukee 2606-20 (Est. $65) cordless drill and the 18-volt Milwaukee 2656-20 (Est. $70) impact driver, along with two 1.5-Ah lithium-ion batteries, a 30-minute charger, and a carrying case. The impact driver hasn't been included in any professional tests, and the drill is only a middle-of-the pack performer in tests at TheSweethome.com, with about half the endurance of the Bosch DDS181. However, the 800-plus user reviews for the combo kit on Amazon.com and NorthernTool.com are highly favorable, with overall ratings between 4.7 and 4.9 stars out of 5. Owners say the tools are both sturdy and lightweight, with great battery life. They agree that the impact driver is very powerful, although some find the drill a tad underpowered. They also appreciate features such as the battery life gauge and built-in LED lights on both tools. The few complaints we saw are mostly about the batteries, which many users say don't hold up well.

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