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Dehumidifiers: Expert and User Reviews

By: Carl Laron on June 26, 2018

Dehumidifiers: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

Consumer Reports evaluates more than 25 small-, medium and large-capacity dehumidifiers. Editors rate humidistat accuracy, energy efficiency, noise level and how well the dehumidifier performs in a cool room. Models are ranked against others with similar capacity and Recommended and Best Buy dehumidifiers are named.

Daniel Wroclawski, June 1, 2018

For those that don't have a Consumer Reports subscription, Daniel Wroclawski shares some bullet points from the site's testing in this free article. The site's testing methodology is explained, and some of the best-rated dehumidifiers are named, along with some information on why they excelled and if any weaknesses were spotted.

Editors of Dehumidifier Buyer's Guide, April 5, 2018

The anonymous nature of this site gives us pause, but digging in deeper reveals Dehumidifier Buyer's Guide to be one of the better dehumidifier review sites on the web. Testing is hands on and the methodology and rationale behind the tests are described in excellent detail. The individual reviews are even more detailed, with performance, usability, portability, durability and more given attention. Dehumidifiers are organized by capacity and top performers -- and in some cases, models to avoid -- are named.

Kevin Purdy, Feb. 16, 2018

Kevin Purdy conducts 40 hours of research and weeks of "real-world testing in century-old stone basements" to find the best dehumidifier overall, as well as an alternative. Methodology is well explained, but only four dehumidifiers make cut to the testing phase, which makes this source a little less comprehensive than the ones above.

Daniel Jackson, June 7, 2018

Daniel Jackson researches dehumidifiers, then selects four for testing for four weeks "in the most muggy conditions we could create." Testing methodology is explained, and a best model, and budget choice are named. However, like Wirecutter, the limited number of dehumidifiers tested limits the site's usefulness.

Editors of Allergy Buyers Club, As of June 2018

Allergy Buyers Club offers a wide selection of dehumidifiers for consumers who suffer from allergies. Anonymous expert reviewers rate many of the dehumidifiers on various factors, including moisture removal, noise level, operation in low temperatures, drainage, and energy use. However, it is not clear whether the dehumidifiers have been subjected to any hands-on testing. Reviews from owners are also available on this site; while most dehumidifiers have only a handful of reviews, a few get considerable feedback.

Contributors to Amazon, As of June 2018

Amazon is a good source for reviews on a wide variety of dehumidifier brands. Many models have accumulated at least some feedback, while others have received hundreds or reviews, and in some cases thousands. Among the latter, Frigidaire branded dehumidifiers receive great feedback, with strong scores based on thousands of reviews across various models and sizes.

Editors of HVAC-for-Beginners.com, Not Dated

A former HVAC service technician and contractor offers his opinions on the various brands of whole-house dehumidifiers, but specific models are not addressed. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are singled out as the very best, though several other brands rate just as highly.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of June 2018

Home Depot has a good selection of dehumidifiers. Many get some feedback, others get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of reviews, though those also include reviews originally posted at the manufacturer's website. In addition to an overall rating, some reviewers leave sub ratings for quality and value, and say whether or not they would recommend their dehumidifier to a friend.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of June 2018

Best Buy is another good destination for user reviews of dehumidifiers. We see less feedback here than at some other sites, but feedback and ratings from Best Buy users is presented separately from any reviews from manufacturers and are unique to the site. More than 55 models are listed.

Contributors to AchooAllergy.com, As of June 2018

AchooAllergy.com, an online retailer of allergy, asthma and sinus-relief products, sells several brands of dehumidifiers. Experts at the site have reviewed some of these models and discuss their pros and cons, but they do not make any specific recommendations. Users can also leave feedback, but most models only draw a few comments, and many have no user reviews at all.

Contributors to Sylvane, As of June 2018

Sylvane, an online retailer of air-quality products, sells many brands of dehumidifiers and allows users to leave reviews. Most models don't receive much feedback, but a few get dozens of reviews and some amass a couple of hundred.

Contributors to Walmart, As of June 2018

A number of dehumidifiers sold at Walmart have accumulated a few dozen reviews or more, and some have received feedback from more than 100, or even thousands of users. Several Frigidaire models stand out with high satisfaction and lots of reviews.

Contributors to Sears, As of June 2018

Sears is another retailer site with lots of dehumidifiers and many user reviews. However, while there are more than 500 models listed, only a little more than a dozen are sold by Sears itself. As is the norm, reviews include those from Sears users as well as those posted at manufacturer sites in some cases. One exception is Kenmore dehumidifiers, which was formerly a Sears house brand. While some reviews can now be seen elsewhere, such as Amazon, If you are considering a Kenmore dehumidifier, Sears is still the best source for user feedback on reliability, usability and other factors.

Contributors to Dehumidifier Experts, As of June 2018

This online retailer specializes in large-capacity dehumidifiers than can remove moisture from a whole house, large basement or crawl space. The site also has a FAQ section discussing the benefits of whole-house dehumidifiers and how they stack up against the less expensive portable models.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of June 2018

Lowe's has fewer dehumidifiers listed than most other retailers -- just over 20 models on our last visit. Some get little or no feedback, others get more than a hundred, and some Frigidaire models draw more than 3,000. However, like many other retailers, feedback is drawn from manufacturer's sites as well as this site's own users.

Editors of Energy Star, Not Dated

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency measures dehumidifier efficiency in liters of water removed per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed. According to the site, humidifiers that are Energy Star-qualified use almost 30 percent less energy than non-qualified models that remove the same amount of moisture. The site provides a searchable list of all humidifiers that meet Energy Star requirements. You can also find helpful buying guidance and some suggestions on other ways to reduce humidity in the home.

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