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Santa Fe Advance2 Review

By: Carl Laron on June 26, 2018

Bottom Line

With its compact size and robust moisture-removing capacity, the Santa Fe Advance2 is an ideal humidifier for unfinished crawlspaces and basements. With a moisture removal capacity of 90 pints per day, this unit is also powerful enough to lower humidity in your whole house with the addition of an optional venting kit.


  • High daily dehumidification capacity
  • Low profile
  • Energy-efficient
  • Superior air-filtration system


  • Will not run below 49 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water pump is not built in
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Efficient and effective. The Santa Fe Advance2 features a low profile (under 20 inches) and can operate at temperatures as low as 49 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's ideal for use in basements and crawl spaces. The Santa Fe Advance2 will remove up to 90 pints of water from areas up to 2,200 feet. That's enough capacity for the Advance2 to act as a whole house dehumidifier, and an optional venting kit is available. The MERV-8 filter can capture allergens such as mold spores, dust mite debris, pet dander and more, a plus for allergy sufferers. The Advance2 is Energy Star qualified.

Ease of use

May require professional installation. If used as a stand-alone dehumidifier for a basement or crawlspace with floor drains, installation requires not much more than setting it in place, running the included hose to the drain, plugging in the dehumidifier, setting it for the desired humidity, and forgetting about it. Otherwise, though, things can get a little more complicated. If you are tying the Advance2 into an existing ductwork system, you will probably want the help of an HVAC installer or contractor to make sure it and your existing air conditioning or heating system will work at their top efficiency. A contractor might also be needed if you are installing new ductwork in multiple rooms to use exclusively with the dehumidifier. If you lack floor drains, an optional Dehumidifier Condensate Pump Kit (Est. $105) to send water out a basement window or raised sink drain is available. There is no condensate bucket so emptying by hand is not an option. The controls are mechanical rather than digital, as found on better portable dehumidifiers, and there's no LED display. Auto restart means that the dehumidifier will turn back on and get to work following a power outage.


Good grades from owners. The Advance2 is designed to be tucked away, out of sight. Still it is rated at 64 dB, or within the range of normal conversation. Most user reviews can be found at Sylvane. There, we spotted a few complaints about noise levels, but many more list quiet operation as a plus.

Durability and reliability

Built to last. Experts say that Santa Fe dehumidifiers, including the Advance2, are among the best made units available to homeowners. HVAC-For-Beginners.com names the Santa Fe brand as the "World's Best Whole House Dehumidifier." Among its pluses is a good guarantee -- one-year with five-year protection for its refrigeration system. User reviews for whole house and basement dehumidifiers are sometimes hard to come by, but there are over 250 at Sylvane for the Advance2. Satisfaction is high, with a score of 4.8 stars and 99 percent of owners saying that they would recommend the Advance2 to a friend.

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