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Fromm Family Gold Salmon and Chicken Pate Review

By: Carl Laron on July 06, 2017

Bottom Line

Grain-free and meat-rich, Fromm Family Gold earns enthusiastic recommendations from experts and owners. It's also competitively priced compared to other premium foods, making it a good value and an easy call as our Best Reviewed pick.


  • Human-quality, USDA-inspected ingredients
  • Simple, meat-rich recipes
  • No grains


  • 2016 recall
Our Analysis

Breaking it down

Ingredient quality

Human-grade and grain-free. Fromm Family Gold is made from 100 percent USDA-approved ingredients (that means the same stuff humans eat). All three flavors are grain-free: Chicken Pate, Duck and Chicken Pate and Salmon and Chicken Pate. All earn equally high marks in reviews, and all have short, simple ingredient lists. The salmon flavor starts with salmon and chicken, and that's followed by chicken broth and chicken liver. Carbs come from sources such as potatoes, carrots, peas, flaxseed and tomato paste. It's free from controversial ingredients, such as carrageen.

Product safety

A blip in a previously spotless record. Fromm earns praise for making its food in its own facilities in the U.S., using only approved suppliers and with no Chinese ingredients. Fromm tests its foods for pathogens before releasing them to stores, and to make sure it supplies the promised nutrition. Despite all of that, however, the food was recalled in 2016 when the company, on its own, discovered elevated levels of Vitamin D in some batches. Pet owners and pet food advocates largely applauded the company for the forthright way in which the error was discovered and handled.


Superb quality -- for a bit less than the competition. Fromm Gold is a surprising value given its quality, though you may have to shop around a bit online to get the best price. If you do so, you'll find that Fromm Gold can actually cost less per ounce than many premium canned dog foods that rate nearly, but not quite as well, including Halo Spot's Stew Succulent Salmon Recipe (Est. $45 for 12 13.2-oz. cans) or Weruva Bed and Breakfast (Est. $45 for 12 14 oz. cans).

Our Sources

Susan Thixton, Not Dated

Susan Thixton scrutinizes many dog food brands and varieties, including all three flavors of Fromm Gold canned. Thixton explains which ingredients are good, bad and controversial, and she rates each food (canned foods can earn a maximum score of 4).

Mike Sagman, Updated Jan. 21, 2017

Fromm Gold canned dog food earns a 4.5 star rating here. After thoroughly analyzing the ingredients, Mike Sagman says that the food is "highly recommended."

Mary Straus, June 16, 2017

Mary Straus recommends all of Fromm's pet foods, noting their "human-grade, USDA inspected meats" and "high-quality US-sourced ingredients." She notes that the limited ingredients and lack of grains can be beneficial to dogs with food allergies.

Contributors to Chewy.com, As of January 2017

Roughly 100 Chewy.com customers have reviewed Fromm Family Gold Salmon and Chicken Pate -- with most awarding it 4 or a perfect 5 stars. Many note that their dogs love it and thrive on it. Overall, the food earns a 4.7 star rating, with recommendations from 94 percent of customers.

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