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Maclaren Twin Triumph

By: Saundra Latham on March 17, 2017

Bottom Line The Maclaren Twin Triumph is among the lightest double strollers you can buy at 23 pounds. A compact fold, automatic lock and included carry handle are among the other features that make it ideal for hoisting into trunks or onto busses.
  • Narrow
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy buckles
  • Linked brakes
  • Smaller canopies
  • Nonadjustable handle

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ConsumerReports.org has bare-bones but highly credible coverage of eight double strollers, including the Maclaren Twin Triumph. Editorial rankings are based on how each model performs in tests for safety, ease of use and maneuverability.

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Buzzillions.com gathers user reviews from major retail websites such as ToysRUs.com and Strollers.com, combining the ratings into one aggregate score. The Maclaren Twin Triumph gets high marks for lightness and comfort.

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Amazon.com tends to attract better-than-average user reviews. Baby gear is a popular category, but fewer than a dozen owners have posted reviews on the latest incarnation of the Maclaren Twin Triumph.

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"Baby Bargains" has limited coverage of the Maclaren Twin Triumph, but it does cover the overall performance history of the Maclaren brand. Ratings here have a good reputation with parents, as evidenced by this book's consistently high scores on Amazon.com.

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This retail site has a handful of owner-written reviews of the Maclaren Twin Triumph. Entries here are similar to those on Amazon.com and Buzzillions.com: Parents are generally happy with the stroller but think it could use a cupholder and more storage space.