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Earplugs: Expert and User Reviews

By: Amy Livingston on March 02, 2018

Earplugs: Ratings of Sources

Bryan Vu, Feb. 22, 2018

A group of professional musicians, music fans, and frequent travelers put 12 earplug brands – including foam, putty, and flange types - to a detailed test. Testers wore each pair for an hour to evaluate comfort, as well as trying them while lying in different positions. They listened to live and recorded music to evaluate sound clarity and stood near the freeway to test noise blocking. Each plug gets separate ratings for noise reduction and comfort.

Editors of Sleep Like The Dead, Nov. 8, 2017

Sleep Like The Dead is a website dedicated to reviewing sleep products. In this review of earplugs, they compile information from thousands of user-written reviews to create a list of the top five brands, with owner satisfaction ratings of 90 percent or better from at least 300 reviewers. A concise table compares the top models' appearance, price, reusability, and size, but there are no details about performance.

H. Mahboubi et al., March 2013

In this study, nine different earplugs were tested in 10 different individuals to determine which ones were best at keeping water out of the ear canal during swimming, both on the surface and under water. All earplugs let in some water, especially when the head was completely submerged, but Mack's Pillow Soft blocked water the best for surface swimming. However, this abstract does not name most of the earplugs that Mack's outperformed.

J.A. Alt and W.O. Collins, July-August 2012

Researchers tested the water-blocking abilities of four different earplugs by placing them in an anatomically correct model of the ear and then exposing it to water. Mack's Pillow Soft silicone earplugs were the most effective at preventing water intrusion, while custom molded earplugs were least effective.

Troy Farah, Sep. 21, 2015

Reporter Troy Farah, a dedicated concertgoer concerned about developing tinnitus, tests six earplugs for music listening, both at concerts and at home. Models range from cheap, disposable foam earplugs to an elaborate electronic pair that costs $300. Farah gives each model a grade from A to F based on its comfort, ease of use, and how well it mutes sound without compromising audio quality.

Patrick Mahinge, Jan. 2, 2018

Snorezing is another site devoted to reviews of all things sleep-related. In this article, Patrick Mahinge offers advice on how to choose earplugs, along with a roundup of his six personal favorites for blocking out his partner's snoring. He goes into detail about noise protection, comfort, and ease of use, but he doesn't mention which other earplugs he's tried that don't make his list.

Ian Johnston, Updated June 21, 2011

Motorcycle enthusiast Ian Johnston tries on 13 brands of earplugs and rates them on four criteria: packaging, expansion speed, pressure and comfort. All the models he tests have a noise reduction rating between 29 and 33, so he doesn't bother to compare them on this point. Johnston gives each model a score from 1 to 10 on each factor, then adds them up to provide an overall rating.

Contributors to Amazon, As of February 2018

Pretty much any brand of earplug on the market is available through Amazon, and the most popular products receive hundreds or even thousands of individual reviews. The large volume of feedback makes it easier to find the best earplugs for particular ear types and particular uses, such as concerts or swimming. We found about half a dozen models with average scores of at least 4.5 stars from 500 or more users.

Contributors to Swim Outlet, As of February 2018

The earplugs sold at Swim Outlet are designed specifically for use while swimming, and they collect a wide array of user reviews. Although several brands are sold here, Mack's stands out as a clear favorite, with three different models earning 4.5-star ratings from 50 users or more.

Contributors to Walmart, As of February 2018

Walmart offers about 40 varieties of earplugs, but most of them have only a handful of reviews. The only brand to receive a high rating from more than 50 users is Mack's Pillow Soft. Most individual reviews are quite short – anywhere from a single sentence to a paragraph.

Contributors to Musician's Friend, As of February 2018

This retail website caters to musicians' needs, so its selection of earplugs focuses on types designed specifically for concert use. Most of these receive only a handful of reviews from users, however.

Contributors to Ear Plug Superstore, As of February 2018

Ear Plug Superstore is an online retailer dedicated solely to earplugs and hearing protection. Unfortunately, the site provides no way to search its products to find which ones have the most user reviews or the highest ratings. Thus, we have relied on it solely for finding additional reviews of products that receive high ratings elsewhere.

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