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Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Blanket Review

By: Carl Laron on October 17, 2017

Bottom Line

The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Blanket provides low-voltage warming in a soft, well-made electric blanket you'll want to keep on your bed year-round. The low voltage technology is deemed safer than what's used in other blankets -- though those are safe as well.


  • Safe, low-voltage heating
  • Thin interior wires
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Preheat function


  • Slow to heat up
  • Connector isn't durable
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Low-voltage heat warms safely but not quickly. The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Blanket uses low voltage technology, which is considered to be the least likely to shock the user if the blanket becomes wet or insulation is damaged. It's also less likely to harm pets if they chew on the blanket (though pet owners might be better served with an electric mattress pad such as the Best Reviewed Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad (Est. $50 and up), which sits completely under the rest of your bedding). However, the same low-voltage technology that makes the blanket relatively safe also makes it slow to warm up -- something Good Housekeeping testers note in their comparative review; the Soft Heat took over an hour to reach 70 degrees and more than 25 minutes to cool down. That's confirmed in other reviews, though YourBestDigs.com says that the blanket's preheat function can be used to minimize that shortcoming as it allows you to warm up the bedding before hitting the sack. Users find this blanket provides warmth to the bed without feeling "hot" to the touch. One potential trouble spot is the power cord connection. A small number of owners report overheating to the point of scorching, most likely due to damage to the blanket's wiring or the connector itself. That emphasizes two points -- all electric bedding has so-so durability, and it's important to inspect electric bedding to ensure it is damage-free before each use.

Ease of use

Intuitive backlit heat controls. The straightforward controls of the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Blanket allow users to preheat their beds or fine-tune temperatures with a simple twist of a dial. The control's backlit display is easily visible at night, users say, and the brightness of the display dims automatically after adjustment. Queen- and king-sized blankets sport dual controls, so couples can set their side of the blanket for their individual heat preferences. For convenience and added safety, the auto-off feature shuts off the blanket after 10 hours.


Unobtrusive wiring. While owners appreciate the low-voltage safety of the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece, they also love its soft fabric. Made of brushed polyester fleece, the blanket's top and bottom layers protect the internal heating wires without feeling too heavy or bulky, users say. The wires themselves are thin and flexible and spaced far enough apart that sleepers do not feel them, even when the blanket is sandwiched between a top sheet and a comforter.


Washes well but connections are finicky. Users who machine-wash the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece according to the manufacturer's instructions say it looks as good as new afterward, without any pilling, pulling or other common issues. However, many owners note the connections linking the bedside controls to the actual blanket are temperamental, despite coming with clips to secure the cord to the blanket. More troubling are the handful of reports that the power cord connections can overheat, sometimes to the point of scorching. The maker reports that the most likely source of that is damage to the blanket or the connector itself, lending weight to the importance of keeping electric bedding in tip-top shape and not using it if any damage is observed. Users also complain the large power adapter takes up too much room under the bed, and some say it emits a high-pitched whine or hum, though only a small minority are bothered by it. The product is backed by a five-year warranty, and several users report the customer service department was friendly, though perhaps not always helpful.

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