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Best Indoor Electric Grills

By: Lisa Maloney on October 05, 2017

An indoor-only grill can be used anywhere

If you live in an apartment building with very strict rules about grilling, even with electric appliances, you can probably still use our best-rated indoor grill, the Hamilton Beach 25360 (Est. $80) searing grill. The Hamilton Beach 25360 searing grill is designed specifically for use in the kitchen, with a 450-degree sear function that users say really does lock in flavor on everything from fajitas to steaks and burgers, even if it doesn't always create the dark sear marks you'd get from a hot outdoor grill.

Owners also like the swing-down hood that helps control grease splatter -- some customers mistake that hood for the top half of a panini press, but it doesn't contact your food at all -- and although the 118 sq. in. cooking area isn't much, they say they can cook a few hamburgers at a time.

The Hamilton Beach Grill's removable cooking plate is dishwasher safe, at least in theory; but we found quite a few user reviews saying that the non-stick finish came off, or the plate itself corroded, when cleaned in the dishwasher. You can cut down on the damage by not using a sanitize or heated drying cycle, but most prefer to simply wipe down the grill plate with a damp rag after every use. As long as you take this step, customers have no other complaints about the searing grill's durability. It's covered by a one-year limited warranty.

We found mixed reviews on how smoky the Hamilton Beach 25360 gets, ranging from no smoke at all to creating a cloud of smoke and smell that takes some time to go away. Just in case, use it near your over-stove venting fan until you see how it performs with your food of choice. If you want the exact same grill with a viewing window in the lid, step up to the Hamilton Beach 25361 (Est. $80).

The Hamilton Beach 25360 has some new competition in this report: The Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill (Est. $80), a handy little cooking surface that measures just over 12 by 9 inches. There's not much more to the Zojirushi EB-CC15 than its grilling grate, the adjustable temperature knob, and stay-cool handles and base. It doesn't even have a lid to contain splatter, which users get around by adding a layer of tinfoil or an upended disposable aluminum roaster pan. A layer of foil inside the removable drip tray makes it easy to remove the cooked-off grease.

But once they've made those small tweaks, users are almost universally happy with this little grill. They say  it's perfect for grilling in the kitchen while you're multitasking with other foods, and that as long as you're not in a rush or cooking thick cuts of meat, the 410-degree maximum temperature is enough to leave nice grill marks and really seal the juices in.

Heads up: Some users think they're getting a cast-iron cooking surface, but the Zojirushi actually sports a dual-layer "titanium and ceramic enhanced" nonstick surface. The drip tray is dishwasher safe, but you'll need to clean everything else with a good wipe down -- a process that users say can get tedious, especially if you've managed to burn food onto the grilling grate.

Also new in this report is the Aroma SuperPot ASP-137 Grillet (Est. $35). This handy little appliance -- a variation on the wildly popular Aroma SuperPot with a 10-inch grill plate -- straddles the line between slow cooker, vegetable steamer and indoor grill, heating up to 450 degrees with a dial-adjust temperature control. Users say the raised bars of the grilling surface do, in fact, leave nice grill marks on your food as long as it's properly preheated.

Convenience, not durability, is this little grill's strongest point. It has a built-in pour spout for fat or other liquids, and most users say it's easy to clean out with a quick wipe-down -- but if you put it in the dishwasher you're risking the non-stick coating. Several users also say that the plastic exterior feels a little on the flimsy side, and although the Aroma SuperPot Grillet is covered by a one-year warranty, you have to pay for shipping in both directions -- so if you have problems, you might as well buy a new one. Still, if you want a convenient indoor electric grill that can multitask for steaming veggies and even making soup, and is small and light enough to take on road trips, this might be the perfect appliance for you.

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