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Facial Cleaners: Expert and User Reviews

By: Angela Stringfellow on May 01, 2018

Facial Cleansers: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Beautypedia, As of April 2018

Editors of Beautypedia review thousands of skin care and makeup products. Their research sources include medical journals, cosmetic industry reports and the Food and Drug Administration. Editors also issue a star rating for each product reviewed, as well as a discussion of ingredients, effectiveness and the skin types best-suited for each face wash.

Editors of Reviews.com, March 30, 2018

Editors of Reviews.com evaluate dozens of facial cleansers, talking to a dozen dermatologists and other experts to eliminate products with harsh or irritating ingredients, such as surfactants, fragrance and alcohol. After conducting hands-on testing of 17 finalists, editors name three winners.

April Franzino, April 11, 2017

The rigorous testers in Good Housekeeping's Beauty Lab select the best products they've tested all year long, including a few face washes. Elsewhere on the site, a roundup of 2016 Beauty Breakthrough Awards is also available. Although no comparative ratings are assigned, each product receives a short summary review, tester comments, and a "Lab Lowdown" insight into how it was tested.

Julia Naftulin, June 27, 2017

Health's Julia Naftulin talks to New York City-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, who says you don't need an expensive face wash to get good results. After consulting with Fusco and two other dermatologists, Naftulin names the five best drugstore facial cleansers based on their recommendations.

Maddie Aberman, Feb. 2, 2018

Allure's Maddie Aberman names 15 facial cleansers for oily skin based on recommendations from editors and dermatologists. Reviews of each face wash are brief, but some include comments from dermatologists on why a product is particularly beneficial for those with oily skin. Elsewhere on this site, facial cleansers for dry skin are reviewed.

Janell M. Hickman, Sept. 15, 2016

Janell M. Hickman talks to dermatologists and other experts with celebrity clientele for their recommendations on the best drugstore face washes. A total of 15 facial cleansers are recommended, and Hickman includes quotes from the experts consulted on why they recommend specific products.

Hallie Gould, Sept. 25, 2017

Hallie Gould names the nine best face washes based on recommendations from dermatologists and estheticians, including comments from the experts on why they recommend it to their clients (or use it themselves).

Editors of Elle, Feb. 27, 2017

Editors and contributors to Elle weigh in on their favorite face cleansers for their personal skin types, based on years of experience and trial-and-error. In many cases these solutions have worked so well, the authors have been using them for years -- and one editor is still using the same face wash that she started using back seventh grade.

Lila Glick, Allie Flinn, Not Dated

The editors of TotalBeauty poll their readers and, based on their feedback, select the 17 best face cleansers. Each cleanser is assigned a comparative rating out of 10 possible; the editors also provide reader quotes to illustrate what they loved so much about each product. Drugstore products receive equal play next to more upscale products that sometimes retail for four times as much.

Contributors to Ulta, As of April 2018

Many of the face washes sold at Ulta have several hundred user reviews, some in the thousands. Reviews are generally brief but informative, with users commenting on what they like about a product, such as lather, consistency or scent, or whether it irritated their skin or eyes.

Contributors to Sephora, As of April 2018

Sephora is also an excellent source of user reviews, with many of their plentiful product listings receiving hundreds -- if not thousands -- of comments. Reviewers leave feedback similar to that found on Ulta, with comments surrounding face cleansers' texture, scent and effectiveness. The reviewer's skin type is also listed, which is helpful discerning which face washes work best for a particular skin type.

Contributors to Amazon, As of April 2018

Amazon lists hundreds of facial cleansers for sale, some of which have garnered hundreds to thousands of reviews. Consumers tend to be passionate and pointed in the comments they post here. While many reviews are brief, some are quite detailed, discussing particular ingredients or comparing a face wash to another brand they've used.

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