10 Yoga Mats That Belong in Your Gym Bag

10 Yoga Mats That Belong in Your Gym Bag

Christen NicholsLast Updated Apr 1, 2020 2:09:14 PM ET
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Yoga is an excellent source of activity for many individuals. Not only does it improve your strength and flexibility, but it encourages a higher level of mental health. Many frequent yoga attendees find that regular classes decrease their stress levels and encourage relaxation. Check out some of the top yoga mats to take with you to your next yoga session.


Best Overall: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is crafted from natural rubber that strives to provide users with a better yoga session. Fans of this mat love that it offers more support and cushion than a synthetic rubber mat with the same thickness. They report that it has an excellent grip and a long lifespan. Keep this mat out of sunlight, as the eco-friendly rubber will degrade.


Best Value: Amazon Basics Extra Thick Yoga Mat

The Amazon Basics Extra Thick Yoga Mat is a versatile mat suited for yoga, pilates, and other floor-based workouts. Users love the affordable price, and they report that the textured surface is great at offering traction and support during their yoga sessions. Note that new mats do have a slight odor; if you’re sensitive to smells, air your mat out before using.


Best For Hot Yoga: TOPLUS Pro Yoga Mat

The TOPLUS Pro Yoga Mat combines a supportive yoga mat with a soft, absorbent suede towel. Users report that this two-layer construction makes it ideal for hot yoga and other sweaty workouts. The suede layer captures your dripping sweat so that you don’t have to worry about doing your yoga poses on a wet, slippery mat.


Best for Kids: Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat is perfect for children to practice their yoga poses. Users rave about the mat’s smaller-than-average size, as it’s ideal for a child who wants to set up or roll their own yoga mat. Kids love the fun design options, while parents like the textured surface that minimizes falls and slipping.


Best No-Odor Mat: IUGA Pro Yoga Mat

If you’re concerned about your new yoga mat having an odor, the IUGA Pro Yoga Mat is an excellent alternative. This mat has a polyurethane top layer that promises an odorless yoga experience. Users state that the mat arrives odorless and remains odorless, even with consistent use and lots of sweaty workouts.


Best for Comfort: Yoga Cloud Ultra Thick Yoga Mat

If you prefer a yoga mat with a lot of cushioning, check out the Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick Yoga Mat. Users with joint issues or who are sensitive to doing yoga poses on hard surfaces find that the 1-inch thickness of this mat makes it comfortable to do practically any pose. It’s also great for Pilates if you have a sensitive back.


Best for Traveling: TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat

Keep up your yoga sessions even when you’re traveling with the TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat. Users like that this mat comes with its own carrying case; to use the case, just fold the mat up. Fans of this mat report that it’s soft and offers ample protection against slipping. The ability to wash this mat in the washing machine is another convenient characteristic that yogis appreciate.


Best Option for Longevity: Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

The Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat is guaranteed to never wear out. If maximum lifespan is important for you, this mat is a top choice to consider. Users report that the mat holds up well and doesn’t flake or rip. When new, the mat is slightly slippery. Fans of this mat report that the mat does need to be broken or scrubbed to combat its slick feeling.


Best for Learning New Yoga Poses: NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat

Check out the NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat if you want to learn new yoga poses or start practicing yoga outside of your class. Users of this mat like that the 70 poses printed on the mat are in diagram form, making it easier for you to learn the correct form and movements for each pose.


Best for Fun Prints: Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat is a hit with yogis who want a high-quality mat with a gorgeous design on each side. Users report that the design stays vivid, even after extended usage. They love that the mat is lightweight and offers a longer-than-average length, making it ideal for taller users.

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