Mindful Gifts for the Devoted Yogi in Your Life

Mindful Gifts for the Devoted Yogi in Your Life

By Rachel Ross
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Yoga is more than just breathing and poses. It’s about balancing and connecting the mind, body and soul, which is why the items on this list have healing powers, make any room feel brand new or challenge any yogi’s fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who lives for yoga, take a deep cleansing breath. We’ve found items to bring them more positive vibes on and off their yoga mats. However, most importantly, these presents are both fun to give and to receive. Ready to help your yoga-loving friend namaslay everyday?


Sip on Zen Juice with Yoga in a Cup

Whenever your friend is stressed out, help them zen out with Yoga in a Cup. The blend contains different adaptogens, supplements that are known to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint and licorice.

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Your yogi can add a packet to their morning beverage or wind down with a warm cup after a long day. According to the makers, it’s extra delicious with hot nut milk. If your friend is too busy for a real yoga session, Yoga in a Cup is the next best thing.

Chakra Bracelet for Healing and Fashion Goals

With a rainbow of gemstones, this Genuine Healing Chakra Bracelet is made to restore the body’s energy centers. These energy stones will benefit your friend during yoga, meditation or just as a fashion accessory when they wear it with their other favorite accessories or alone.

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Just like yoga, these healing crystals are all about balance. They’re known to transfer healing forces to anyone wearing the stones, so it’s a good idea to wear them on different sides to find the best benefits for the mind, body and soul. You’ll forever be a "gem of a friend" for this gift.

Candles for a Scent-sational Relaxing Time

Give the gift of calm in the form of essential oil scented candles. This colorful gift set comes with scents of lavender, gardenia, lilac and rose to make the room smell like a garden. Each piece burns up to 20 hours to help your yogi pal relax for a long time.

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These candles would be the perfect addition to their yoga space at home. Best of all, they can be used for other purposes, such as home decor, meditation or a spa night in the bathroom.


Laugh Ohm Loud with Yoga Wall Decor

There’s nothing a good laugh can’t fix, so here’s a punny piece of art that any yogi will appreciate. Created as a high-quality Giclee print on archive paper, Namastay in Bed Wall Art is ready to hang right out of the box. Your friend's love for yoga will officially make it into their home decor.

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The print’s design is colorful and stylish, adding flair and yoga vibes to the bedroom. There’s no place like ohm, right? The simple message also reminds your yogi pal to take a day off once in a while. Remember, yoga is all about balance.

A Roller for a Wheely Great Workout

For anyone trying to up their yoga game, the Node Fitness Yoga Wheel is perfect for increasing flexibility, enhancing stretches, mastering poses and strengthening the core. It’s light enough to carry from home to the gym but strong enough to support up to 500 pounds.

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In addition to its durability and mobility, this yoga wheel is moisture resistant for sweaty sessions and thickly padded for extra comfort and grip. This tiny device is your yogi friend’s secret to unlocking another level of fitness while improving balance and reducing muscle tension.

A Firm Yoga Block That will Always Be There

Another way to kick things up a notch is with this firm yoga block. It makes workouts more challenging, but it also offers support when it’s needed. It increases flexibility and helps any yogi master new poses.

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Best of all, it’s firmer, heavier and more durable than a basic yoga block. This reliable device stays in one place, so your friend can focus more on reaching higher yoga goals and worry less about sliding blocks. Here’s to more stretching and less stressing.