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Top 12 Food Processor Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on November 21, 2017

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Food Processors: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

For this report, the team of professional testers at Consumer Reports put quite a few food processors and food choppers through their paces, chopping, slicing, shredding, pureeing and grating. They also tested noise levels and ease of use -- noting weights of the machines as well. Each machine is assigned a rating, and the chart shows the ranking of each food processor as it compares to the others tested. There are also designations for which food processors are Recommended, and which ones are Best Buys.

Christine Cyr Clisset and Michael Sullivan, July 13, 2017

After 50 hours of research that included expert interviews, followed by nearly four years of testing, three food processors are recommended. The top choice is considered the best for most kitchen and most people. Runners up for heavy-duty use and smaller kitchens are also named. Testing is exhaustive and well-documented, including ongoing "notes" to update the report.

Editors of Cook's Illustrated, December 2016

Editors at Cook's Illustrated test eight popular, full-sized food processors. Most of the food processors perform pretty well, and performance seems to fall along the lines of price -- more expensive models do better than cheap models. The ultimate winner, however, is considered a mid-priced food processor. Elsewhere on this site small food processors are also tested and ranked.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, As of November 2017

Good Housekeeping moves up in our usefulness ranking this year due to some new testing that took place in July 2017. Several popular food processors were put through their paces and given up to 5-star ratings. Older reviews of still-available food processors are also helpful. While testing here is not as well-documented, the results are well-explained.

Editors of Reviews.com, Aug. 23, 2017

Reviews.com conducts extensive testing of seven popular food processors ultimately choosing three as their top picks. The process of narrowing down products to test, and the tests themselves are well-explained, and there's a lot of good general information here as well.

Sal Vaglica, Not Dated

Serious Eats is aimed at serious cooks, and only higher-end, heavier duty food processors are tested here. A Best and Best Budget runner up are named. Only larger capacity models are included as well. Still, testing is extremely well-explained and well-documented, making this particularly useful for narrowing down our recommendations in the full-sized category.

Angie Parkinson, Oct. 9, 2017

Top Ten Reviews tested an undisclosed number of food processors to arrive at their top choices for 2017. Each food processor is tested for performance across a variety of tasks; cleaning and convenience; design; and warranty and support. Food processors are then ranked and rated; three are designated Gold, Silver or Bronze Award winners. Although details are scarce, testing appears to be thorough and the results are well-documented in various charts that compare the food processors to each other.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of November 2017

Amazon sells hundreds of food processors and mini food choppers, some of which receive reviews from thousands of users. Choices include traditional, full-sized food processors, mini processors and choppers and baby food makers. Reviews can be sorted by date, helpfulness or overall star rating, and many comments here are highly detailed. This is an excellent resource for determining the long-term durability of food processors, as many owners come back after months or years to provide updates.

Contributors to Walmart, As of November 2017

Walmart is a great resource for food processor reviews, especially less expensive brands such as Hamilton Beach, Oster, Ninja and other lower-cost models that might not be well-represented or get much in the way of user feedback elsewhere. Most food processors listed here have a lot of reviews, dozens to hundreds, and many are thorough and give a good overview of performance and durability.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of November 2017

Best Buy may be thought of more as a destination for all things electronics, but, in fact, it carries nearly 350 models of food processors -- ranging from full-sized, heavy-duty models to those Jack-of-all-trades infomercial darlings. A number of food processors get hundreds -- and sometime thousands -- of reviews. Owners can also say if they would recommend the product, and reviews are broken down by pros and cons as well.

Contributors to Bed Bath & Beyond , As of November 2017

Although Bed Bath & Beyond carries fewer food processors than other retail outlets, popular brand like Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach are well-represented. There are fewer reviews here too, less than 100 for most food processors, but enough to get an idea of the level of satisfaction with each appliance.

Contributors to Macy's, As of November 2017

At Macy's the Cuisinart brand dominates -- which is not necessarily a bad thing because Cuisinart dominates in the world of food processors. This is a great resource for detailed reviews of various Cuisinart models, and it includes the percentage of people who would recommend the product.

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