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Top 8 Hair Clipper Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on January 11, 2018

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Hair Clippers: Ratings of Sources

Jon Chase, March 15, 2017

Wirecutter tests eight popular hair clippers to narrow it down to three top picks; including a pro-style pick. Testing is done by professional barbers in a shop setting and is well-detailed here. Elsewhere on this site, beard trimmers are tested reviewed, and several hair trimmers are included there, too.

"Alex" and "Ryan", As of January 2018

Hair cutting enthusiasts Alex and Ryan run this website, which, at first glance appears to be very click-bait-ish, but, in fact, has a lot of useful information about both corded and cordless hair clippers. Although they don't detail their testing, it's clear that they know what they're talking about and their reviews include both pros and cons.

Contributors to Amazon, As of January 2018

As usual, Amazon is a gold mine for independent user reviews. Some hair clippers and nose- and ear-hair trimmers receive thousands of reviews; a handful get five or six thousand or more. While some comments are extremely brief or speak to issues like shipping or Amazon's service, many others are detailed and offer pros and cons and lifestyle tips. Quite a few reviewers come back after weeks, months or years to give updates on durability.

Contributors to Walmart, As of January 2018

Walmart carries a full line of hair clippers and trimmers. While none get the sheer numbers of reviews that hair clippers do at Amazon, many do get hundreds or thousands -- plenty to give a good overview of how the clipper performs.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of January 2018

Although Best Buy is best known for selling electronics, it offers a respectable array of personal care appliances -- including hair clippers. Quite a few of these earn hundreds of reviews. Reviewers can also say if they would recommend the product. While the overall star rating includes only Best Buy customer reviewers, links are provided to read reviews from the manufacturer's website as well.

Contributors to Target, As of January 2018

Target sells a little bit of almost everything, including hair clippers. Most models receive at least a few while others get dozens or even hundreds. In addition to the 5-star rating system, reviews are further broken down by ease of use, quality and value.

Contributors to Sally Beauty, As of January 2018

Sally Beauty sells a variety of clippers, trimmers and accessories. Most receive just a handful of reviews from shoppers. Each model receives brief user comments, plus individual ratings for value and how well it meets user expectations. Reviewers also note whether they are professional stylists and barbers, or not.

Contributors to Walgreens, As of January 2018

The user reviews posted at Walgreens are on the brief side, but there are enough of them to make this retail website a valuable source of feedback. Standout models have at least a 4.5-star rating out of 5 possible after 10 or more user reviews.

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