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Top 8 Hedge Trimmer Reviews

By: Carl Laron on March 27, 2018

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Hedge Trimmers: Ratings of Sources

Tim Johnson, Feb. 27, 2018

OPE Reviews test outdoor power equipment, and this cordless hedge trimmer shootout is the most comprehensive comparative report we spotted. In all, 13 models are subjected to a battery of tests to measure cutting prowess, run time and more. Other factors such as weight, features build quality and value are assessed as well, and the hedge trimmers are rated on a 100 point scale. Four models rise to the top of the pack. Individual reviews of hedge trimmers, some of which originally appeared on sister site, Pro Tool Reviews, can also be found here.

Roy Berendsohn, July 24, 2017

Popular Mechanics tests four cordless hedge trimmers by trimming yews, boxwoods and a tall, 60-foot hedge. All have their strengths and weaknesses. A top pick is named, but the competition isn't far behind.

Contributors to Amazon, As of March 2018

Amazon stocks a wide range of hedge trimmers, and several models receive hundreds of user comments, with a few garnering well over a thousand. User reviews here are often more detailed than found on similar sites, and all are unique to Amazon. This is an excellent site for learning about ease of use in real-world settings, as well as any long-term issues.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of March 2018

Do-it-yourself retailer Home Depot sells many power tools, including hedge trimmers. Shoppers are able to leave reviews for products and browse other people's feedback before purchasing an item. Many reviews are from Home Depot users, others are originally posted on manufacturer websites and can be seen elsewhere as well. Still, Home Depot offers a good reflection on the long-term, real-world use of hedge trimmers.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of March 2018

Like Home Depot, hardware and home-improvement retailer Lowe's offers customers the option to review products listed on the site. There are fewer reviews here than at other home and garden retailers, and, again, some reviews are taken from manufacturer sites, but feedback tends to be thorough and honest.

Dale Vogelsanger and contributors to String Trimmers Direct, As of March 2018

String Trimmers Direct is an online retailer of all sorts of lawn and garden equipment, including hedge trimmers. Just under 50 models are listed, though most only have limited feedback, all reviews here look to be from the site's users. Product expert Dale Vogelsanger also weighs in with his take on which hedge trimmers are recommended along with brief comments on pluses, but there's no indication of how those recommendations were reached and if any testing was done.

Contributors to Sears, As of March 2018

Sears is a popular destination for many types of tools, including hedge trimmers. The website offers shoppers the option of sharing their experiences of products they own. Lots of hedge trimmers are listed, though only a few of the models are sold by Sears itself. This is the best destination to read reviews of Craftsman hedge trimmers.

Contributors to Stihl, As of March 2018

Normally we don't use feedback at manufacturer web sites as a resource. However, Stihl hedge trimmers get good feedback from experts, and because the brand is primarily sold through smaller, local sellers rather than major online sites, this is pretty much the only place to see user reviews. Most models only draw a little bit of feedback, but some get dozens of user reviews.

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