Amica Mutual Review

By: Carl Laron on April 30, 2015

Bottom Line

Though its name isn't as recognizable as larger insurers, policyholders say Amica Mutual really shines when it comes to homeowners insurance. The company offers professional, accessible customer service, a quick claims process and fair payments, customers say. Amica also receives kudos for a wide range of policies and discounts, though a few coverage options are lacking. Some customers complain Amica is too picky about who it will insure.


  • Pays quickly after claims
  • Fair damage estimates
  • Well-reviewed customer service
  • Wide variety of plans and discounts


  • Lacks local agents
  • May be picky about customers
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Noted claims service. Home insurance policyholders give AmicaMutual top marks for making timely payments after claims in a large national survey. Customers are also satisfied with damage estimates and say the repairs process was fairly smooth. Expert reviewers like the company's Home Repair Assistance Program, which helps connect homeowners with contractors that Amica has already vetted for prompt, professional work. A few customers complain that the company overvalued their homes and raised rates based on inflated numbers. Coverage is available in every state but Hawaii.


Helpful but picky. Amica Mutual gets top marks for customer service, with policyholders saying they're satisfied with availability of homeowners insurance. Consumers are happy with the variety of policies, add-ons and prices, though expert reviewers say the company lacks some coverage options, including for farmers, mobile homes and older homes that have not been updated. They offer a good variety of discounts but only two payment options. Some complain that Amica is overly picky about its policyholders, denying coverage for all but the lowest-risk customers. There are no local agents; the company does business over the phone or online. Policyholders can report claims 24 hours a day.

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