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Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

By: Carl Laron on October 27, 2017

Bottom Line

Between their reliable operation and whimsical designs aimed to delight youngsters, the Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Humidifier is an easy first choice for anyone looking for a humidifier for a child's bedroom.


  • Fun designs
  • Good moisture output


  • Small tank
  • No humidistat
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down

Ease of use

Simple to operate. The Crane Adorable Animal humidifier comes in a wide variety of whimsical designs including a penguin, frog, duck, tiger, elephant, pig, cow, pig, panda, dragon, dog, monkey, hippo, space alien and more. The compact size of this machine paired with the cute designs have long made this a favorite pick for children's rooms. The simple, manual controls may be basic, but most reviews say that this machine gets the job done. The Crane is easy to clean and easy to use, say reviewers.

Moisture output

Compact design manages small spaces well. This small humidifier was designed to regulate the moisture level in small 250-square-foot spaces. Consumers and experts agree that the Crane's 1-gallon tanks do a good job of adding moisture to a space. The machine can output around 2 gallons of moisture per day. Unfortunately, the small tanks mean that Crane Adorable Animal humidifiers must be refilled frequently. Additionally, we found some reviews that note the surrounding area of the humidifier often becomes overly damp, a byproduct of not having a humidistat to automatically regulate room humidity. Users should closely read the included manual to avoid leakage problems.


Not silent, but pretty close. Crane touts their Adorable Animal humidifier as being "whisper quiet." Reviewers tend to agree. While not entirely silent, this humidifier is quiet enough for most children (and sound-sensitive adults) to sleep right through. A few consumers noted that there can be a dripping sound when condensation collects, but most say noise from this machine will only be an issue for incredibly sound-sensitive sleepers.


Poor construction leaves something to be desired. By far the biggest complaint we found on this machine stems from durability issues. Several user reviews comment on the flimsy base and say that after a few months, these units simply stop performing. Many mention that this humidifier works well initially, easily adding moisture to a space, but say that it fails relatively quickly. More however, are mostly to completely pleased and report that they are satisfied with reliability and performance.

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