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Best Cordless Immersion Blenders

By: Kelly Burgess on August 17, 2017

Cordless immersion blenders a good fit for some kitchens

There's good news and bad news about cordless hand blenders. First, the bad: there are hardly any available for sale any longer. For last year's update we found three; this year there are only two. The problem with cordless hand blenders is that they simply aren't powerful enough to do the types of heavy-duty blending jobs that most corded stick blenders can do. In addition, they are limited to a specific runtime due to the fact they are powered by a rechargeable battery. Most experts don't even bother to test cordless immersion blenders, and none recommend them.

Now the good news. If you don't need to do any heavy-duty blending a cordless hand blender can be a very convenient tool to have around. For example, if you're not interested in chopping nuts, blending vegetable smoothies or pureeing very chunky soups, a cordless blender will probably work just fine for you. Those owners who do fairly simple tasks, such as scrambling eggs, mashing small quantities of potatoes, or pureeing soups that aren't super chunky to start with, love their cordless stick blenders.

The other good news is that the two cordless hand blenders that are available this year are both good choices made by a couple of venerated names in kitchen tools: Cuisinart and KitchenAid. Our current recommendation, on the strength of its better and more plentiful owner reviews, is the Cuisinart CSB-300 (Est. $125). This versatile 5-speed blender features a 7.4 amp lithium ion battery that gets 20 minutes of run time from a single charge -- it's also equipped with a "quick charge" feature.

This all-in-one hand blender kit comes with an electric knife for carving meats or bread; a three-cup chopper for nuts, cheese and garlic; and an electric whisk for making meringue or whipped cream. The chopper gets mixed reviews, some say it works great, others are less-pleased, saying it doesn't chop nuts evenly -- some nuts are pulverized, others just cut in half. However, people seem to love the electric knife; we saw no complaints about that, only praise.

Users do note that this Cuisinart immersion blender requires two hands for operation, because to turn it on you simultaneously have to press two buttons: an on switch and a lock release button. Once the unit is on, however, you can take your finger off the lock release button, but you'll have to use both hands to start it again if it is turned off. Some really dislike that, but others aren't bothered by it. Most reviewers were pleased with the battery's run time and said that the attachments come off and reattach easily, and that the vinyl case makes for easy storage of all the attachments. Reviewers also love the elegant look of the stainless steel finish.

The KitchenAid Pro Line 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender (Est. $240) is the other choice in this category. Users say its 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers the kind of power you'd expect from a corded model, and makes it worth its high price tag. It's also a highly versatile blender, with five speeds and interchangeable blades that allow you to blend, mix, whisk, beat, froth, shred, chop, liquefy, crush and puree as you please. This product also comes with interchangeable 8- and 13-inch arms, allowing you to lengthen your wand to reach into deep bowls and pots. Although no users commented on the KitchenAid Pro Line cordless blender's actual running time, the manufacturer claims that it lasts for hours, and we found almost no complaints about the battery's robustness.

Most reviewers say this immersion blender is easy to use one-handed, as the wand has large, easily accessible buttons, rubber stops for comfort and a curved, ergonomic shape. The unit features a control lock button, so you'll be unlikely to accidentally turn it on again when you pick it back up.

The KitchenAid Pro Line Cordless comes in four colors: Sugar Pearl, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver and Candy Apple Red. Users note that a few of the plastic components could spell poor durability, but ultimately, the jury is still out on the product's longevity, as there are virtually no reviews by users who have owned it for a long time. However, the manufacturer does provide a five-year warranty.

So, while a corded hand blender should be your top choice if you use it a lot, a cordless hand blender might be the right appliance if you have circumstances under which you don't have constant access to power or your immersion blender gets light use.

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