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Inline Skates: Expert and User Reviews

By: Lisa Maloney on June 08, 2018

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Inline Skates: Ratings of Sources

Contributors to InlineSkates, As of June 2018

This retail site once offered hands-on video reviews; now the feedback comes in the form of user reviews. Most reviews offer useful insight into how the skates' smoothness, speed and fit, although we did have to screen out reviews that dealt only with the shopping and customer service experience at this website.

"Roller Warehouse", As of June 2018

These video reviews are not comparative, but they're extremely useful for identifying the high and low points of inline skates, especially high-end aggressive models that typically don't receive many user reviews. Each review features an expert employee of Roller Warehouse showing and discussing the various features and attributes of the model in question.

Contributors to Inline Warehouse, As of June 2018

This inline-skate retailer gathers feedback from shoppers in several categories, including aggressive skates and fitness skates, but without numerical ratings. The upside is that those who do comment are usually well-informed about their skates' features and performance, and this is one of the best sources for reviews of aggressive inline skates.

Contributors to Roller Warehouse, As of June 2018

Roller Warehouse sells aggressive inline skates and associated products. There aren't very many reviews here, but most of those who do comment have useful insight to offer regarding the skates' performance, durability, and how they handle for specific tricks.

ONE Staff, June 19, 2016

The staff of this inline skating magazine offer an enthusiastic, hands-on review of the K2 Unnatural. They're frank about their mixed feelings regarding previous K2 aggressive skates, and aren't shy about highlighting a couple of areas where the Unnatural could be improved -- but their overall assessment is quite positive.

Editors of Back to Blading, As of June 2018

The unidentified author of this site skates every week, rain or shine. He's also articulate and discerning in his hands-on evaluation of a handful of aggressive and "tri" (three-wheeled) skates. Although he doesn't offer comparative rankings, each skate review includes video of how the skates perform, along with balanced commentary and an overall analysis of what the skates are best for.

Contributors to Amazon, As of June 2018

Amazon usually offers a wealth of user reviews, but inline skates garner relatively few. What this site lacks in volume it makes up for in depth, with hundreds of skates available to choose from. Well-known brands and children's skates are by far the most popular.

Contributors to Walmart, As of June 2018

Walmart has a decent spread of inline skates for adults and kids. The kids' skates are by far the best-rated and receive the highest reviews, perhaps because Walmart doesn't stock the more expensive or specialized models that often appeal to adults.

Contributors to Dick's Sporting Goods, As of June 2018

Dick's Sporting Goods sells a selection of inline skates for all ages, including a few aggressive and hockey models. Although the selection doesn't include aggressive skates, marathon skates or other high-end styles, it provides a useful body of reviews for the "mass market" skates many beginners or casual users will prefer. Children's skates are very popular here, too.

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