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By: Carl Laron on October 31, 2017

A dead car battery at an inconvenient time convinced us that it was time to throw an ultraportable car battery starter into the glove compartment. Expert reviews left us puzzled, but hundreds of user reviews quickly pointed us to a great alternative, and it's the subject of this Quick Take report.

Brightech Scorpion Review
Best Reviewed

Best ultraportable car battery jump starter

Brightech Scorpion Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

The Brightech Scorpion ultraportable car battery jump starter gets mixed reviews among experts, but users have no reservations, giving it plenty of feedback, and plenty of love. It's easy to use, has all the necessary safety protections, and is incredibly versatile -- able to also power all sorts of electronics gear in a pinch. The three-year warranty is a plus, too.

Quick Take:

Ultraportable car battery starters use lithium-ion technology to put the power of a full-sized jump starter into a package that can fit under a seat or in a glove compartment. Many can also act as battery chargers for cellphones, laptops and other electronics. We found some expert feedback from solid reviewers, but with contrasting conclusions. Owner reviews cleared things up, and led us to the Brightech Scorpion. Users adore it; well over 1,000 say it is reliable and powerful enough to start even large engines. The odd lemon does pop up, but the three-year warranty is a standout.

Top 5 Jump Starter Reviews

  1. ConsumerReports.org - Jump Starters, Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated

    ConsumerReports.org tests 10 ultraportable car jump starters. They are rated on their performance when jump starting a car during warm and cold weather, and their reserve capacity, which is how long they can be used to run or recharge other electronics equipment. Ratings are provided and recommendations are made.

  2. Wirecutter.com - The Best Portable Jump Starter, Mark Smirniotis, May 3, 2017

    Mark Smirniotis researches 40 ultraportable car jump starters and tests 10 to come up with his top two recommendations. Methodology and rational are explained, as is why some other models fell a little (or a lot) behind the top choices.

  3. Amazon.com - Jump Starters, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of November 2017

    Amazon.com is, by far, the best place to find user reviews. The site lists thousands of portable and ultraportable jump starters and accessories. Some get barely any feedback, while others get hundreds and sometimes thousands of user reviews. It takes some time to sort through all the options, but with work you can find jump starters with high ratings (4.5 stars or better) and lots of feedback (1,000 or more reviews).

  4. Walmart.com - Battery Jump Starter Packs, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of November 2017

    Walmart.com doesn't carry as many portable and ultraportable jump starters as Amazon.com, and they don't get nearly as much feedback. Still, some manage to attract enough reviews to be helpful.

  5. MiniThunder.net - Portable Jump Starter Reviews - Mini Thunder, Editors of MiniThunder.Net, As of November 2017

    We normally don't put much stock into anonymous blog-style review sites, but this one is pretty well done. While there's a higher focus on features than we like to see, hands on testing is done and documented, and ratings are provided.

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