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Kids' Bikes: Expert and User Reviews

By: Saundra Latham on May 09, 2018

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Kids Bikes: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Two Wheeling Tots, As of May 2018

Experienced cyclists started Two Wheeling Tots to review kids' bikes when they noticed most parents had little basis for comparison between models. Reviews are balanced, comparative and thorough, and the site includes charts that let parents see essential information at a glance. The site also has buying guides and reviews of balance bikes, bike trailers, helmets and other gear.

Editors of Rascal Rides, As of May 2018

Like Two Wheeling Tots, Rascal Rides is a resource maintained by bike enthusiasts that's aimed at helping parents choose the right bike for their kids. There are also reviews of balance bikes, trailers, helmets, and other accessories. The major difference: Less coverage of budget-friendly bikes.

Chris Dixon, Jan. 9, 2018

This roundup pits 13 kids bikes' against each other in real-world testing, ultimately delivering several even-handed recommendations of the best mid-range kids' bikes (as well as some pricier picks). It also includes a helpful guide on what features to look for and prioritize when buying. However, like many expert roundups, it ignores budget-priced kids' bikes.

David Mozer, As of May 2018

The International Bicycle Fund, an independent nonprofit, has a range of educational articles on its website including a thorough guide to buying kids' bikes. It includes a size guide that recommends bikes based on age, height and inseam and breaks down other features to look for and test when choosing a bike.

Editors of IceBike, Not Dated

IceBike is run by cycling enthusiasts. It includes educational articles on cycling and bicycle reviews for adults. The helpful guide to kids' bikes breaks down ages, sizes and types of bikes (mountain bikes, road bikes and BMX bikes).

Louis Mazzante and Caitlin Giddings, June 19, 2017

This roundup focuses on several of the most well-regarded kids' bikes on the market, deftly summarizing what sets them apart and discussing the type of child each might be suited for. But aside from balance bikes, just one pick is under $200.

Contributors to Amazon, As of May 2018

Amazon offers a wealth of user feedback on current and popular kids' bikes. User reviews are useful for anecdotal information about bikes and for gathering consensus about each model's overall performance and durability. This is also a good place to go for parents' reviews of bikes across a wide price spectrum, including budget bikes.

Contributors to Target, As of May 2018

Target is a popular destination for parents purchasing kids' bikes. It sells fewer bikes than Amazon and there are fewer reviews overall, but user feedback tends to be detailed and helpful. The site makes it easy to shop by age and height. Bikes sold here are almost exclusively budget-friendly.

Contributors to Walmart, As of May 2018

Like Target, Walmart's website is a great place for parents to find feedback on the big-box kids bikes that are affordable but largely ignored by expert reviewers. Reviews run the gamut from very detailed to quite brief, and common brands include Huffy, Kent, and Schwinn.

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