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Best Serrated Bread Knife

By: Kelly Burgess on November 10, 2017

A serrated knife glides through bread; is a good tool for other tasks

If you make your own bread, or buy specialty, artisan breads, a good bread knife is a necessity in your kitchen tool chest. Even if you are not a bread lover, a serrated knife can make slicing tomatoes, watermelon and other large items easier and more accurate. However, you may only need a chef's knife or paring knife, we discuss both of those elsewhere in this report. If you opt for a knife set instead, it will give you a wide range of knives -- including a serrated knife -- as well as handy storage options. Also, if you make your own bread, see our report on bread machines; these highly programmable, easy-to-use appliances allow you to wake up to fresh bread every day.

The Victorinox 10.25-Inch Serrated Bread Knife (Est. $40) once again takes the top spot in this year's report. It also comes in an 8-inch length, but experts say 10-inches is the perfect size for slicing through even the largest loaves of specialty breads, such as sourdough rounds, brioches and boules. It can also slice through 9-inch round cakes with one cut, and section angel food cakes for use in popular recipes. But its usefulness is not limited to baked goods. In testing at Wirecutter, the Victorinox 10-inch serrated knife also sliced tomatoes and soft fruits and vegetables. And a number of owners say they use it for very challenging foods like squash and watermelon. It's not just the well-designed serrations that make this a great knife though, as Lesley Stockton of Wirecutter notes, its blade and handle design offer enough comfort and give for extended cutting session. Other professional testers agree, with editors at one well-respected kitchen product testing organization noting that the Victorinox has a "great, grippy, ergonomic handle."

The Victorinox bread knife is sharp out of the box and, according to thousands of very satisfied owners, it stays that way for a long time. Because it's stamped rather than forged, the Victorinox is much less expensive than forged steel knives, but experts and owners say there's no drop-off in performance.

Another serrated knife worth considering is the Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-Inch Wide Bread Knife (Est. $15). It's the runner up at Wirecutter, and takes the top spot in testing at the aforementioned professional kitchen product testing organization. Lesley Stockton found its thicker blade to result in less control in more precise tasks, but she says if your focus is on value, this is a good pick.

Owners agree, giving the Mercer Millennia extremely high ratings in hundreds of reviews. They say that this knife comes sharp and stays that way, and performs a variety of tasks well. Most agree that, for the price, you can't go wrong with this knife. Unlike most knives, it also comes with a wide range of handle color options, including blue, green, purple, red and several others. Quite a few users say they love how it looks hanging from their knife magnet or in their knife block.

It's not included in any professional reviews, but we just had to include the OXO Good Grips 8 Inch Bread Knife (Est. $10) in this report because of its very low price and the fact that it's so highly rated at retail sites. The OXO doesn't get quite the overall ratings of the Victorinox or Mercer, but it comes close. Most say that it's sharp out of the box and the edge lasts for a decent amount of time, and it's so inexpensive that it's worth just buying another when the edge does eventually dull. Many say it's flimsy, but perfectly adequate for occasional or light use.

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