The Best Wine Opener for Every Occasion

Photo Courtesy: skynesher/E+/Getty Images

After a long day at work or during a delicious dinner with loved ones, almost nothing completes those moments spent enjoying yourself like a smooth glass of wine. It's a drink for all occasions, whether they involve celebration or stress relief. But sometimes there's one small problem sitting between you and that first sip: the frustrating process of actually getting the bottle open.

Fortunately, intrepid designers of the best bottle openers have come to the rescue with tools to make popping that cork a breeze. Integrated features like foil cutters and ergonomic handles — along with the press-of-a-button appeal of easy-open electric options — simplify the task of opening bottles to prep you for the perfect pour much quicker than before. If you're ready to find helpful options like these for stocking your wine toolkit, check out some of the best wine openers available today.

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