Everything You Need to Make Fresh Pumpkin Pie From Scratch

Photo Courtesy: Liliboas/E+/Getty Images

Preheat the oven and pull out the cookbooks — it’s that special time of year when you’ll be baking, roasting, kneading and simmering up all the holiday classics. As far as food-friendly festivities go, Thanksgiving is king. And what’s more of a feast-worthy favorite for this happy holiday than a silky smooth and subtly spicy pumpkin pie? If you’re looking to boost your baking game for this year’s gathering — or if you want to put your pandemic-perfected cooking skills to good use — why not whip up a pumpkin pie or two of your own?

With the right tools and techniques on hand — along with tasty, easy-to-use ingredients — baking a pumpkin pie from scratch is easy as, well, pie. From zesty spices and crusts to durable bakeware and serving accessories, we’ve rounded up all the essentials you’ll need to enjoy a pumpkin pie-baking bonanza this Thanksgiving.