The Best Candied Sweet Potato Recipes You Need to Try This Thanksgiving

Photo Courtesy: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Bright and creamy with plenty of honeyed richness, sweet potato casserole may be that ultimate-favorite Thanksgiving dish everyone looks forward to the most each year. They’re equally delicious as a dinnertime staple — where their indulgent sweetness is the perfect foil to savory turkey, gravy and stuffing — or a standalone dessert with their toasted blanket of gooey marshmallows. Classic candied sweet potatoes are proof positive that you really don’t need to mess with a good thing. But, because they’re so good in their traditional form, you can actually elevate them to even higher levels of deliciousness with a few key additions and adjustments.

We've got some faster, easier and even healthier sweet potato recipes that taste just as good as (or better than!) the standard Thanksgiving version. If ingredients like marshmallows, pecans, brown sugar, orange zest, cranberries and even pineapples whet your holiday appetite, you’ll definitely want to try these recipes — you might just find a deeper appreciation for how wonderful this root vegetable can taste.